Stardew Valley Prismatic Butterfly

The Stardew Valley Prismatic Butterfly.

In Stardew Valley, as of Update 1.6, players can create a special statue called the Statue of Blessings. When a player interacts with this statue they get one random blessing each day. One of the random blessings players can trigger is the release of a Prismatic Butterfly into the valley. Finding this butterfly gives players a reward. To learn more about the Stardew Valley Prismatic Butterfly, see our guide below.

How to Spawn the Prismatic Butterfly

To spawn the Prismatic Butterfly, players must ensure they have a Statue of Blessings available to them. The next step is to use the statue each day. The specific blessing required to spawn the Prismatic Butterfly is the Blessing of The Butterfly, which can trigger from the statue. When it does, the blessings message “A prismatic butterfly is waiting for you somewhere in the valley” will appear when you hover of the statue icon on your screen.

During my testing, I observed that you can trigger the Blessing of The Butterfly in Winter. However, despite this, no butterflies spawn during that season. This discrepancy may indicate a bug, or the blessing might simply not work during Winter.

Finding the Prismatic Butterfly and Getting Your Reward

Prismatic Butterfly dropping a Prismatic Stone in Stardew Valley.
When you find the Prismatic Butterfly it flies into you and drops a reward.

To find the Prismatic Butterfly, you’ll need to search the valley by running around looking for butterflies. The butterfly you are looking for is easily distinguishable due to its prismatic color. When you approach the butterfly, it will fly towards you. Stand still, and it will fly into you before disappearing. It leaves behind your reward, which is either a Prismatic Shard or 30,000g/50,000g.

If you do not find the Prismatic Butterfly during the day and you advance to the next day by sleeping, it will disappear. Subsequently, you will need to wait for the blessing to trigger again on a different day to go looking for it once more.

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