Stardew Valley Statue of Blessings

The Stardew Valley Statue of Blessings.

The Stardew Valley Statue of Blessings is a craftable statue that was added to the game during Update 1.6. This statue, when crafted and placed, can be activated once per day to receive a random stat blessing for that day. To learn more about the Statue of Blessings, see further details in our guide below.

How to Get the Statue of Blessings

The Statue of Blessings can be acquired by unlocking the Farming Mastery in the Mastery Cave. To access this location, you must first max out all Skills to level 10. Once accomplished, you can visit the cave and spend your Mastery Stars on one of five unlock categories. Included in the Farming Mastery unlock is the Statue of Blessings (Recipe).

Once you’ve unlocked the Statue of Blessings (Recipe), you need to craft it. The recipe for the Statue of Blessings requires the following items:

  • 999x Stone
  • 999x Fiber
  • 999x Sap
  • 333x Moss

Upon gathering all of the items listed above you can craft the statue from the Crafting menu. Once crafted you can place the statue wherever you’d like.

What Does the Statue of Blessings Do

Once per day, you can interact with the Statue of Blessings to receive a random unique blessing from it. The benefits you can receive include the following:

  • Blessing of Luck: +1 Luck
  • Blessing of Fangs: +10% Critical Strike Chance
  • Blessing of Friendship: You gain extra Friendship from speaking to people.
  • Blessing of Speed: +0.5 Speed.
  • Blessing of Water: The first three fish you hook today will be much easier.
  • Blessing of The Butterfly: A Prismatic Butterfly is waiting for you somewhere in the valley.
  • Blessing of Energy: You have infinite energy.

The blessings listed above last for the full day, starting from when you touch the Statue of Blessings. You can only have one blessing per day, so having multiple statues doesn’t allow you to stack them on top of each other.

There is a second statue players can unlock from the Mining Mastery. This statue is the Statue of the Dwarf King. Like the Statue of Blessings it gives players special bonuses each day. Check out our Statue of the Dwarf King guide for details on that statue.

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