How to Get a Turtle in Stardew Valley

Turtle on farm in Stardew Valley.

The Stardew Valley Update 1.6 pleasantly surprised players with the addition of a new pet type: the Turtle. You can now add this unique pet to your existing collection, bringing a refreshing touch of uniqueness to any farm. If you’re curious about how to get a turtle in Stardew Valley, the guide below will provide all the details you need.

Reach Maximum Relationship With Your Starter Pet

The animal screen in Stardew Valley.
To unlock the ability to have more pets you need to max out your relationship with your starting pet.

Before you can acquire a Turtle pet, you’ll need to demonstrate your pet-care prowess to Marnie. This involves building a strong relationship with your starter Cat or Dog pet. These pets have a maximum friendship level of 1000 points, which can be increased by regularly petting them or filling their water bowl. You can monitor your relationship progress on the Animals screen.

Once you reach the maximum relationship status with your starter pet, you will receive a letter from Marnie. This letter details that the farmer can purchase more pet licenses from her to add more pets to their farm. However, before you can do that, you need to first stop by Robin’s.

Build an Additional Pet Bowl

Build a Pet Bowl in Stardew Valley.
Before you can adopt another pet you need to add a Pet Bowl to your farm.

Every pet on your farm needs its own Pet Bowl. Consult Robin and access the Construct Farm Buildings screen to locate the Pet Bowl. Constructing a Pet Bowl costs 5,000g and 25x Hardwood. You have the choice of three visual styles: wood, stone, or hay. After making your selection, proceed to build the Pet Bowl where you want it to appear on your farm. There is no building wait as they come ‘prefabricated.’

Purchase a Turtle Pet from Marnie

Pet licenses in Stardew Valley.
When ready you can buy a Pet License for a Turtle to add it to your farm.

After placing the Pet Bowl, head over to Marnie’s in Cindersnap Forest. Choose Adopt Pets to open a menu featuring the available pets. Scroll down to find the two types of Turtles in the game: Green and Purple. To finalize the adoption, you’ll need to purchase a Pet License. The costs are as follows:

  • Green Turtle: 60,000g
  • Purple Turtle: 500,000g

After making your selection and payment, you can then name your new Turtle pet. Once you’ve completed these steps, Marnie will send the Turtle to your farm on the following day. Just like other pets, you can interact with your Turtle by petting it and putting water in its Pet Bowl. The Turtle will also come inside when it rains/storms.

If you wish to remove a pet from your farm, such as the Turtle you adopted, you can use an item called Butterfly Powder. This powder can be purchased from Krobus. Simply sprinkle it on the pet you want to remove, and it will be removed from your farm.

Turtles aren’t the only interesting new addition in Update 1.6. There is a fun little crossover between Terraria and Stardew Valley that players can trigger to unlock the Meowmere sword. See our Meowmere guide for more details.

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