Stardew Valley Raccoon Shop

The Stardew Valley Raccoon Shop inventory.

The Stardew Valley Raccoon Shop is a special merchant added to the game in Update 1.6. She is located in the Cindersnap Forest area. This merchant sells a variety of items to players in exchange for foraged and other items instead of gold. For details on where to find this vendor and what she sells, check out our guide below.

Where is the Raccoon Shop in Stardew Valley

The Raccoon Shop becomes available as part of the Raccoon requests line. This line of requests begins with constructing a house at The Giant Stump in the northern part of Cindersnap Forest, which appears after a random windy evening event triggers while you are sleeping.

The Stardew Valley Raccoon family.
The Raccoon and his Raccoon wife and kids.

Upon building The Giant Stump house, a Raccoon appears, and you can assist him by completing his requests. After completing the first request, the Raccoon finds a wife, and once she moves in a few days later, the Raccoon Shop opens for business.

What is For Sale in the Raccoon Shop in Stardew Valley

When you talk to the Raccoon’s Wife, you can view the Raccoon Shop. Initially, she offers a limited selection of items for sale, but as you fulfill more of the Raccoon’s requests, her inventory expands. All available items fore sale in the Raccoon Shop are located in the table below:

ItemCostAvailable After
Carrot SeedsMaple Seed x1Request 1
Summer Squash SeedsSap x15Request 1
Broccoli SeedsMoss x5Request 1
Powdermelon SeedsPine Cone x2Request 1
Mixed SeedsCave Carrot x1Request 1
Raccoon JournalFiber x999Request 2
Raccoon HatMixed Seeds x10Request 3
Fairy DustMystic Syrup x1Request 4
Jungle TankBroken Glasses x5Request 5
Golden Mystery Box*Mystery Box x3
Magic Rock Candy*Golden Mystery Box x20
Mahogany Seed**Coal x20

* Added in Update 1.6.4.

**Added in Update 1.6.6.

Once you finish the final request for the Raccoon, it will express that the family is content for now. You can return to the Raccoon periodically to do more requests for rewards, but no new items are added to the shop.

In Update 1.6, ConcernedApe introduced not only the Raccoon Shop but also a new Mastery system, offering players additional end-game bonuses. Additionally, two new mini-festivals, Trout Derby and Squid Fest, have been added for players to enjoy. For more information on these, check out their respective guides.

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