Stardew Valley The Giant Stump Guide

The Giant Stump in Stardew Valley.

In the Stardew Valley 1.6 update there is a new quest players can complete called The Giant Stump. This quest tasks the player with turning the large tree to the south of their farm into something interesting. To help you complete this quest see our Stardew Valley The Giant Stump guide below.

How to Start The Giant Stump Quest

The Giant Stump quest begins in Stardew Valley when the player sleeps for the night and receives the message “There was a strong wind storm during the night…” This random event has a 10% chance of occuring after you’ve built the Greenhouse. Once it occurs head to the south of your farm to Cindersnap Forest.

In Cindersnap Forest look for a large stump in the north next to the pathway heading up to your farm. It has a ? icon over it. Interact with the stump to start The Giant Stump quest which says it can be turned into something interesting using 100 Hardwood.

Ways to Get the 100 Hardwood

  • Large Stumps in The Secret Woods
  • Large Stumps behind Bookseller
  • Ginger Island Mahogany Trees
  • Mahogany Trees
  • Breaking barrels and boxes in the Mines
  • Possible random drop from trees with the Lumberjack profession

Reward for Completing The Giant Stump

Gather the required 100 Hardwood (if needed) and give them to the stump. Upon doing this you will construct a house and the message “Maybe someone will decide to move in…” will appear. Head back to your farm sleep to advance forward one day. Return to the stump to meet your newly moved in neighbor, the Raccoon.

This ends The Giant Stump questline but begins a series of new requests from the Raccoon neighbor. This character makes numerous requests of the farmer that task them with bringing various items to him. As requests are completed more Raccoons move into the house including the Raccoon’s wife who runs the Raccoon Shop.

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