Stardew Valley Raccoons

All of the Raccoons in The Giant Stump in Stardew Valley.

Following a random event and subsequent quest, the Stardew Valley Raccoons, a group of NPCs, relocate to Cindersnap Forest. Initially consisting of one Raccoon, the family expands as players fulfill various requests for them. Completing these tasks unlocks a range of rewards. Explore our guide below to learn more about the Raccoons.

Complete The Giant Stump Quest

To get the Raccoon to move into the Cindersnap Forest area, players need to wait for a special random event to occur. This random event is a heavy wind storm that has a 10% chance to trigger each night after you’ve completed the Greenhouse.

The Giant Stump in Stardew Valley.
After the windy event interact with The Giant Stump to start its quest.

Once you’ve triggered the windy event, go to Cindersnap Forest and interact with The Giant Stump next to the north path leading to your farm. This begins The Giant Stump quest which tasks you with delivering 100 Hardwood to the stump to turn it into a house. Complete this task and then sleep one night. Return to the stump to meet the Raccoon.

Raccoon Family Requests

The Raccoon request screen in Stardew Valley.
The Raccoon will make requests of the player to bring him two items.

After the Raccoon moves in, players can speak to it to initiate its requests. The Raccoon offers 8 requests for players to complete, each tasking them with collecting two items. These items typically necessitate the use of Artisanal Machines on in-season crops and fish. The Dehydrator, Fish Smoker, and Cask are required to fulfill most of these requests.

Raccoon Family Rewards

After each completed request, the player receives a reward and a new Raccoon moves in. The first Raccoon to arrive is the Raccoon’s Wife, who opens the Raccoon Shop. Subsequent requests introduce the Raccoon’s Children. There’s a 7-day gap between when you complete a request and can start the next one.

1Depends on Season

– Carrot Seeds
– Summer Squash Seeds
– Broccoli Seeds
– Powdermelon Seeds
2Raccoon Journal
3Raccoon Hat
4Fairy Dust
5Jungle Tank
6Stardrop Tea or Fairy Dust
7Depends on Season

– Carrot Seeds
– Summer Squash Seeds
– Broccoli Seeds
– Powdermelon Seeds
8Stardrop Tea

What Happens When you Complete All of The Raccoon Request in Stardew Valley?

Upon completing the 8th Raccoon Request, you will earn the Good Neighbors Achievement. On a future visit to The Giant Stump you will see a short cutscene during which the Raccoon family sings a song for you and dances. The cutscene was added in Update 1.6.4.

Even after completing all storyline requests, Raccoon will still make additional requests for players to complete and earn more rewards. However, no more Raccoons will move into the home. These requests can be done every 7-days.

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