Stardew Valley Dehydrator: How to Get, What it Does

The Dehydrator placed in Stardew Valley.

Introduced in Update 1.6, the Stardew Valley Dehydrator is an artisanal machine enabling players to dehydrate different food items, creating new products for sale. If you’re curious about acquiring the Dehydrator and its functionalities, you’ve landed in the right spot. Below, I’ll guide you through everything you need to know about this machine.

How to Get the Dehydrator & Dehydrator (Recipe)

There are few methods to obtain the Dehydrator machine. You can either acquire the machine directly or obtain the recipe, allowing you to craft it whenever needed. Here are the ways to obtain it:

Ways to Get a Dehydrator

  • Win from Lewis’s Prize Machine in his house
  • Comes with the Mushroom Cave if chosen when Demetrius offers to renovate The Cave on The Farm

Way to Get the Dehydrator (Recipe)

  • Purchase from Pierre’s for 10,000g

Although there are methods for obtaining a Dehydrator, it’s advisable to acquire the recipe at some point during your playthrough. This grants you the ability to craft them whenever necessary, facilitating the placement of multiple machines on your farm.

Dehydrator Recipe: Materials Required

The recipe for the Dehydrator on the Crafting screen in Stardew Valley.
The recipe for the Dehydrator.

After purchasing the Dehydrator Recipe from Pierre’s, you can craft the machine from the Crafting Menu. Similar to other machines, you must ensure you have the necessary materials before constructing it. The Dehydrator recipe calls for the following ingredients:

  • Wood x30
  • Clay x2
  • Fire Quartz x1

With these materials, you can craft a Dehydrator. Once crafted, the Dehydrator can be placed either inside or outside of buildings on your farm, as long as the chosen spot is clear.

What Does the Dehydrator Do?

When used, the Dehydrator enables you to dehydrate either 5x Mushrooms or 5x Fruits of identical type and quality, resulting in the production of Dried Mushrooms or Dried Fruit. Notably, players who input 5x Grapes will obtain Raisins. As indicated by Secret Notes #24 and #26, Raisins can be placed in Junimo Huts to enhance the likelihood of them harvesting 2x crops.

The Dehydrator is one of the machines needed to complete the Raccoon’s requests. Players working that quest line will also need to acquire a Fish Smoker, which is another artisanal machine added in Update 1.6.

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