Stardew Valley Fish Smoker: How to Get, What it Does

The Fish Smoker in Stardew Valley.

The Stardew Valley Fish Smoker is a specialized artisanal machine introduced to the game in Update 1.6. This machine allows players to place fish inside it. Once inserted, the fish are smoked, increasing their value and nutritional properties. Below, I’ll provide you with all the essential details about this machine.

How to Get the Fish Smoker & Fish Smoker Recipe

There are few methods to acquire the Fish Smoker. The first method depends on your Farm selection at the start of the game. If you choose the Riverland Farm, it automatically comes with one. The second method is to win the machine from Lewis’s Prize Machine. The final way is most common and involves purchasing the Fish Smoker Recipe from Willy for 10,000g and then crafting your own.

It’s advisable to obtain the recipe during your playthrough as it enables you to craft the machine whenever necessary, simplifying the setup of multiple machines on your farm.

Materials Required for the Fish Smoker Recipe

The Fish Smoker recipe materials needed list in Stardew Valley.
The Fish Smoker recipe.

After purchasing the Fish Smoker (Recipe) from Willy’s, you can craft the machine from the Crafting Menu. Similar to other machines, you must ensure you have the necessary materials before constructing it. The Fish Smoker recipe calls for the following ingredients:

  • Hardwood x10
  • Sea Jelly x1
  • River Jelly x1
  • Cave Jelly x1

Once crafted, The Fish Smoker can be placed both indoors and outdoors on your farm, provided the chosen spot is clear.

What Does the Fish Smoker Do

The Fish Smoker enables players to insert fish inside it to create Smoked Fish. Smoked Fish doubles the sell price of a fish while retaining its quality, and it multiplies the energy and health restoration by 1.5 (source).

The Fish Smoker is one of the machines required to complete the Raccoon’s requests. Players pursuing that line of requires will also need to also have a Dehydrator available for use.

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