Stardew Valley Stardrop Tea: How to Get, What it Does

Stardrop Tea in Stardew Valley.

As of Update 1.6, players can acquire Stardew Valley Stardrop Tea, a new non-consumable Artisan Good. This item is extremely useful for players aiming to significantly enhance relationships with the Villagers. To discover how to obtain Stardrop Tea and its exact effects, refer to our detailed guide below.

How to Get Stardrop Tea

Stardrop Tea is a rare item players can get from completing certain activities in the game. These activities range from fulfilling specific character requests to using particular machines. The full list of things that can yield a Stardrop Tea includes:

As evident from the list above, obtaining this item is quite rare, and for good reason. It’s highly valuable for enhancing relationships with the Villagers.

What Does Stardrop Tea Do

Stardrop Tea is described as “A very special gift that would delight anyone.” This is fitting as it is one of the best universally loved gifts you can give to Villagers in Stardew Valley.

When a player gives a Villager Stardrop Tea, their relationship with them increases by 250 friendship points (1 heart). If given as a birthday gift or during the Feast of the Winter Star, it is worth 750 friendship points (3 hearts). Stardrop Tea is not subject to the two-gift-per-week limit and does not count towards the limit, further adding to its value as an item.

To fully utilize this item, it’s best to save it for birthdays and the Feast of the Winter Star event. Since it isn’t restricted by gift limits, you can give it on a birthday and pair it with another item to earn bonus friendship points for that day.

If you choose not to use the Stardrop Tea, you can sell it. However, it only sells for a meager 77g, which makes selling it a very poor idea considering it is such a rare item with very little payout if sold.

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