Stardew Valley Scholar Questions Answers

The Stardew Valley Scholar character.

During the Stardew Valley Desert Festival there is a character called the Scholar that players can interact with to do a bit of trivia. This character will ask the farmer four questions that, if they answer correctly, earns a special festival reward. To help you answer his questions right here’s all of the Stardew Valley Scholar answers.

All Correct Scholar Answers

To take part in the Scholar’s trivia, head to Calico Desert during the Desert Festival (on Spring 15th, 16th, and 17th). Once there, go to the northeast corner and speak to the old man, who is the Scholar. He will ask you four multiple choice questions that you need to answer correctly from a pool of questions. If you get one wrong, you can try again the next day of the festival.

Answer all four questions correctly to earn yourself 50x Calico Eggs. Upon completing the Scholar’s quiz, he will inform you that he will return next year for another challenge. The answers for every Scholar questions are located below.

Question 1 Answers

Where are we?Calico Desert
What is the date of the season’s end?28th
Who runs the General Store in Pelican Town?Pierre
Who runs the Animal Shop in Pelican Town?Marnie
Who runs the Fish Shop in Pelican Town?Willy
Who runs the Saloon in Pelican Town?Gus
Who runs the Museum in Pelican Town?Gunther
Who runs the Blacksmith in Pelican Town?Clint

Question 2 Answers

When is Pierre’s Shop normally closed?Wednesday
What season does Garlic grow in?Spring
What season does Red Cabbage grow in?Summer
What season does Artichoke grow in?Fall
When does the Apricot tree bear fruit?Spring
When does the Peach tree bear fruit?Summer
When does the Pomegranate tree bear fruit?Fall

Question 3 Answers

How many steps have you taken?Varies. Check the machine in the casino before speaking to the Scholar to know exactly.
In what season can you catch Carp?Any
In what season can you catch Pufferfish?Summer
In what season can you catch Salmon?Fall
In what season can you catch Squid?Winter
How much does a Chicken cost?800g
How much does a Duck cost?1,200g
How much does a Cow cost?1,500g
How much does a Rabbit cost?8,000g
How much does a Pig cost?16,000g

Question 4 Answers

Question Answer
How many garbage cans are there in Pelican Town?8
What is George’s last name?Mullner
Where might you catch the Stonefish?Mine Level 20
Where might you catch the Ice Pip?Mine Level 60
Where might you catch the Lava Eel?Mine Level 100

The Calico Eggs you earn can be spent during the Desert Festival at the various vendors that appear. There are a number of special event items you can only get during the festival, making it worth participating in the trivia to purchase them.

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