How to Get the Anvil in Stardew Valley

The Anvil placed on the Farm in Stardew Valley.

The Anvil in Stardew Valley is a machine players can acquire as of Update 1.6. This machine, when used, allows players to re-roll the stats on their Trinkets. This is very useful for players looking to make the best build possible in the game. If you are unsure of how to get the Anvil in Stardew Valley, this guide is for you.

Unlock the Anvil Recipe and Craft It

To acquire the Anvil, you must first unlock its recipe through the Mastery system introduced in Update 1.6. This system enables players to unlock special Masteries from the Mastery Cave. Specifically, you need to unlock the Combat Mastery to unlock and be able to use the Anvil recipe.

Once you’ve unlocked the Anvil Recipe, the next step is to craft it. The recipe for an Anvil requires players to have 50 Iron Bars. Open the crafting menu and navigate to the Anvil recipe. Craft it and then place it wherever you wish to have the machine.

What Does the Anvil Do?

The Anvil plays a crucial role alongside another Combat Mastery unlock called Trinkets. Trinkets are clothing items that, when equipped, grant players additional passive perks and bonuses.

Players can enhance their Trinkets using the Anvil by re-rolling their specific stat bonus for a cost of 3x Iridium Bars per re-roll. This feature allows players to customize their Trinkets, optimizing them for the best-in-slot stats.

The Anvil is not the only new item that has been added to Stardew Valley. Players can now purchase Spouse Portraits to hang on the wall. They can also change the look of their Bobber to add some visual flair to fishing.

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