Stardew Valley Bobber Styles Machine

The Bobber Styles Machine in Willy's Fish Shop in Stardew Valley.

The Stardew Valley Bobber Styles Machine made its debut in Update 1.6 and can be found in Willy’s Fish Shop. This machine allows players to customize the appearance of the bobber while fishing. Explore our guide below for more information on this machine and unlocking different bobber designs.

Where is the Bobber Style Machine

The Bobber Styles Machine is located in Willy’s Fish Shop on the Beach. You can access this building every day from 9 am to 5 pm or at any time if you possess the Key to the Town item. When you enter the shop you will find the machine on the right side of the building. Simply walk up and interact with it to open the Bobber Style menu.

How to Unlock More Bobber Styles

All unlocked bobber styles in Stardew Valley.
All bobber styles unlocked.

When you initially begin playing Stardew Valley, the Bobber Styles machine will only offer the original white and red bobber. To unlock more styles, focus on catching fish you’ve never caught before. Every time you capture 2 new fishes, you’ll unlock a new bobber style. There are 39 bobber styles to unlock, achieved by catching 77 unique types of fish (including the 1.6 added Goby).

Once you’ve unlocked a new bobber style, you can use the machine to equip it. If you don’t want to pick you can use the “Randomoption (represented by a dice icon). Selecting this option will randomize your bobber with each cast, allowing you to use all bobbers in your collection randomly.

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