Stardew Valley Trinkets Explained

Stardew Valley Combat Mastery unlock list including Trinkets.

As of Update 1.6, players can acquire Stardew Valley Trinkets, a new type of clothing item. Equipping one of these items provides special bonuses to the player. Currently, there are 8 Trinkets available in the game. The guide below outlines how to obtain Trinkets and details each of their unique effects.

How to Get Trinkets in Stardew Valley

Trinkets become available as a late-game item for players once they’ve unlocked Combat Mastery from the Mastery Cave. Upon unlocking this mastery, the Trinket slot appears on the player’s character screen.

To earn Trinkets, you need to find them as random drops while exploring. This means spending time in dungeons like the Mine, Desert Cave, and Volcano. You might also find them in Skull Cavern Treasure Rooms or buy them from Alex during the Desert Festival.

Stardew Valley Trinket List: What Each Trinket Does

As of Update 1.6, there are currently a total of 8 Trinkets players can find. These Trinkets provide various gameplay or visual boosts to the player. The table below lists each Trinket and its effect when equipped.

Basilisk PawYou are immune to debuffs.
Fairy BoxSummons a level x fairy companion that heals you in combat situations.
Frog EggSummons a hungry frog companion.
Golden SpurCritical Strike gives you a speed boost for 10 seconds.
Ice RodShoots and orb of ice every few seconds, freezing any enemies in its path.
Magic Hair Gel*Your hair shimmers with all the colors of a prismatic shard.
Magic QuiverShoots a magic arrow at nearby enemies every few seconds, dealing damage.
Parrot EggSummons a level x parrot companion, who grants you a high chance to find gold coins while slaying monsters.

* Cannot be re-forged using the Anvil

The Trinkets listed above can be re-rolled using the Anvil (also a Combat Mastery unlock). To re-roll a Trinket, simply place it into the Anvil along with 3x Iridium Bars. This process will re-roll its stats, potentially making it weaker or stronger. You repeat the re-roll process as many times as you’d like.

How to Equip Trinkets in Stardew Valley

The Stardew Valley Trinket slot location to the right of the head/hat slot.
The Trinket equip slot is to the right of the head/hat slot.

To use Trinkets, you must first unlock Combat Mastery. Upon unlocking this mastery, a Trinket slot will appear on your character screen, indicated by the star icon in the second top right corner of your character portrait. To equip a Trinket, simply drag and drop it onto the Trinket slot. This activates its perk power.

Where to Sell Trinkets in Stardew Valley

Even after collecting all Trinkets, you will keep getting more, cluttering your inventory. Luckily, you can sell them easily at the Adventurer’s Guild. Just talk to Marlon, select Shop, and sell unwanted Trinkets for 1,000g.

Trinkets are not the only new addition to Stardew Valley in Update 1.6. Fans wanting to get new pets have had their pleas answered. Players can now adopt themselves Turtles to roam their farms. See our Turtle pet guide for details on getting one for yourself.

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