How To Get Spouse Portraits in Stardew Valley

The spouse portrait of Abigail in Stardew Valley.

In Stardew Valley, marriage is a significant relationship ending after players have courted the game’s various bachelors and bachelorettes. However, marriage marks just the beginning of the relationship journey. Fans seeking married life can further enhance their bond with their spouse, unlocking spouse portraits in the process. To discover how to get Spouse Portraits in Stardew Valley, refer to our guide below.

How To Unlock a Portrait Of Your Spouse

Before you can rush out and buy the portrait of your spouse, you need to put in some serious relationship work first. After getting married to someone your relationship with them can be increased 2-hearts to 14-hearts total. Reaching the 14-heart relationship level unlocks new 14-heart events and, as of Update 1.6, the ability to purchase special portraits of your spouse (and yes this does include Krobus).

Where to Buy a Portrait of Your Spouse

A spouse portrait, Shane's, shown for sale at the Traveling Cart.
When unlocked, you can buy the Spouse portrait from the Traveling Cart.

After reaching a 14-heart relationship, the Spouse Portrait is available for sale at the Traveling Cart. This allows you to visit the cart on Fridays or Sundays. Alternatively, you can also purchase the portrait during the Desert Festival. Acquire the portrait for 30,000g whenever you visit the cart.

After purchasing your Spouse’s Portrait, you can hang it on the wall like any other painting. This allows you to display it in any of the rooms in your farmhouse or island house, provided there is available wall space.

This is just one of multiple new additions to the game that was made during Update 1.6. Players can now enter the Mayor’s Basement to earn a special reward or claim a Free Cactus during the Desert Festival.

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