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On Ginger Island in Stardew Valley there are a few NPCs and side quests for players to complete. One of the side quests you can complete comes from a woman named Birdie who has a hut along the beach near the farm. Birdie’s husband died in a shipwreck to the south of the island. Speaking to her starts the quest called The Pirate’s Wife. To complete this journal quest use our The Pirate’s Wife guide below.

How to Start The Pirate’s Wife Quest

To begin Birdie’s quest, you need to have access to Ginger Island. To get to the island use Willy’s Boat or warp there. Once on the island, you need to unlock the western portion by spending 10 Gold Walnuts at the parrot by the turtle. This give you access to the island farm and beach area.

Map location of Birdie's Hut on the beach in the Ginger Island island farm area.
Birdie lives in this hut on the Ginger Island beach.

In the island farm/beach area you’ll locate Birdie’s hut along the sandy beach to the west. Birdie appears outside when there is sunny weather. Speak to her to trigger a cutscene where she tells you about her deceased husband.

Following the cutscene, Birdie will give you the War Memento item, which starts The Pirate’s Wife questline. You next step of the quest is to give this item to a specific villager in Pelican Town.

How to Complete The Pirates Wife Quest

To complete the Pirate’s Wife quest you need to exchange items between yourself and the residents in Pelican Town. This process requires trading a total of 6 items with the villagers to get the final item, the Pirate’s Locket. The video above, from Hold To Reset, shows the entire quest process.

If you’d rather read here’s a text breakdown of each step in the quest, including the items you need to deliver, the recipients, and the required delivery order. To deliver an item to a villager, equip it on your toolbar and then interact with the NPC.

  1. Get War Memento from Birdie
  2. War Memento: Show to Kent to get the Gourmet Tomato Salt
  3. Gourmet Tomato Salt: Give to Gus to receive the Stardew Valley Rose
  4. Stardew Valley Rose: Give this item to Sandy in the Calico Desert to receive the Advanced TV Remote
  5. Advance TV Remote: Give this item to George to get the Artic Shard
  6. Artic Shard: Give this item to the Wizard to get the Wriggling Worm
  7. Wriggling Worm: Give this item to Willy to receive the Pirate’s Locket

After obtaining the Pirate’s Locket, return to Birdie on Ginger Island and present it to her to finish the quest. This action triggers a final cutscene with Birdie, after which you receive two quest rewards.

What is the Pirate’s Wife Quest Rewards?

The first major reward from Birdie’s Quest is the Fairy Dust recipe, allowing you to create a powder using 1x Diamond and 1x Fairy Rose. This powder, when applied to a machine, immediately completes its current process.

The second major reward is 5x Golden Walnuts, useful for unlocking various parts of Ginger Island. Collecting 100 walnuts grants access to Qi’s Walnut Room, unlocking additional quests and Mr. Qi’s end-game items shop.

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