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On Ginger Island in Stardew Valley there are a few NPCs and side quests for players to complete. One of the side quests you can complete comes from a woman named Birdie. Birdie’s husband died in a shipwreck to the south of the island. This quest is called The Pirate’s Wife. To complete this quest use our The Pirate’s Wife guide below.

How to Start The Pirate’s Wife Quest

Image showing How to Start The Pirate's Wife Quest in Stardew Valley.

To start this side mission head to Ginger Island and make your way to the west coast. Here you will find a hut and an NPC named Birdie. Speak to Birdie to trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene Birdie will talk about her dead husband. Once the cutscene is complete Birdie will give you an old war photo to help you find something of his.

How to Complete The Pirate’s Wife Quest

Image showing Who to Give the Old War Photo To in Stardew Valley.

To complete this next section of the quest you need to trade various items among the townsfolk of Stardew Valley. Each time you give an item you will get on back in return. To complete the quest you will trade a number of items before receiving the Pirate’s Locket. The items you need to deliver are:

  • War Memento: Receive this item from Birdie. Show to Kent to get the Gourmet Tomato Salt.
  • Gourmet Tomato Salt: Give to Gus to receive the Stardew Valley Rose.
  • Stardew Valley Rose: Give this item to Sandy in the Calico Desert to receive the Advanced TV Remote.
  • Advance TV Remote: Give this item to George to get the Artic Shard.
  • Artic Shard: Give this item to the Wizard to get the Wiggling Worm.
  • Wiggling Worm: Give this item to Willy to receive the Pirate’s Locket.

Once you have the Pirate’s Locket make your way back to Birdie on Ginger Island. Present the locket to her to complete the quest. The reward for completing this quest is the Fairy Dust recipe and 5 Golden Walnuts for your efforts.

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    tomato to gus, rose to sandy, remote to george, shard to wizard, worm to willy, locket to birdie

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