Stardew Valley Mermaid Puzzle on Ginger Island Solution

Mermaid sitting on a rock near Ginger Island.

Discovering the hidden treasures of Ginger Island in Stardew Valley is an exciting journey, and among the valuable collectibles are Journal Scraps. Functioning similarly to the base game’s Secret Notes, these Journal Scraps offer crucial hints and insights into the game’s secrets. Among these secrets lies a unique encounter with a Ginger Island Mermaid, known for her enchanting song and an intriguing puzzle. To successfully unravel the mystery of the Stardew Valley Mermaid Puzzle on Ginger Island, rely on our comprehensive guide below.

Find Journal Scrap 9 to Learn the Ginger Island Mermaid Details

To unlock the secrets of the Ginger Island Mermaid puzzle, your first step is to unearth Journal Scrap 9. Journal Scraps are scattered throughout the island, waiting to be discovered through activities like excavation, rock-breaking, monster-slaying, and regular gameplay.

Once you’ve obtained Journal Scrap 9, delve into its contents to unravel the tale it weaves:

“‘Twas a rain-drenched day, and on a solitary rock, I beheld a stunning maiden. I’d heard tales of sea-born sirens serenading sailors with their enchanting songs, yet she seemed unable to produce even a single note. The following morning, I noticed an arrangement of stones by the foamy shore… stones resembling both pennies and nickels in size. If only this weary mariner could muster a tune, perhaps it would guide her to Blackgull’s hidden treasure…

These details hold great significance on your quest, so pay close attention to them as you embark on solving Stardew Valley’s Ginger Island mermaid puzzle.

Unlock the Pirate’s Cove Section of Ginger Island

To reach the elusive Mermaid in Pirate’s Cove on Ginger Island, you’ll need to take some additional steps based on your progress:

  1. Gift of a Golden Walnut: Start by offering a golden walnut to the parrot residing in Leo’s Hut.
  2. Awaken the Turtle: Invest 10 golden walnuts to awaken the slumbering turtle, granting access to the island’s western side.
  3. Island Farmhouse: Construct the Island Farmhouse by generously providing 20 golden walnuts to the parrot in the western part of the island.
  4. Island Beach Resort: Journey to the central beach and contribute 20 golden walnuts to build the Island Beach Resort with the help of the parrot.
  5. Unlocking Pirate’s Cove: With the completion of the Island Beach Resort, the southeastern beach will be cleared of debris, allowing you to access the southeastern area of Ginger Island. Upon entering this area, you will discover a serene clearing featuring a star-shaped pool.

These steps will set you on the path to uncover the secrets of Pirate’s Cove and, ultimately, the Mermaid.

Unlock and Craft Flute Blocks to Play the Mermaid Song

Robin giving the farmer the Flute Block and Drum Block recipes during her 6 heart event.
Robin teaches the farmer to make Flute and Drum Blocks during her 6 heart event.

Before progressing further with this puzzle, you must obtain a specific recipe for an essential item – Flute Blocks. Robin generously shares the Flute Block recipe when your relationship with her reaches 6 hearts. At 6 hearts visit Robin at her home to trigger an event during which she imparts the recipe to you.

To craft Flute Blocks, gather the following ingredients: 10x Wood, 2x Copper Ore, and 20x Fiber. These components are essential for crafting this melodic item.

For the completion of the Siren’s Song puzzle, necessary to unveil Blackgull’s Treasure, you’ll require a total of 5x Flute Blocks. Take a moment to craft them all now, and let’s continue with your puzzle-solving journey.

Where to Find the Mermaid on Ginger Island

After obtaining the Flute Blocks, the time has come to tackle the Mermaid puzzle. Wait for a rainy day and journey to Ginger Island. Starting from the dock, follow the beach to the right, venturing into the Pirate’s Cove section of the island.

Within this new section of the island, you’ll encounter a distinct Flute Block symbol adjacent to five stones on the beach, near a mermaid perched on a rock. This is the precise location where you need to apply your puzzle-solving skills.

Stardew Valley Ginger Island Mermaid Song Solution

Flute Block placement and tuning to use to solve the Mermaid Song puzzle on Ginger Island.
Tune the blocks as shown in this image and then play the song.

To successfully solve the Ginger Island Mermaid puzzle and win the favor of the mermaid, follow these steps:

  1. Position the Flute Blocks: Place the Flute Blocks, crafted earlier, beside the stones on the beach in the arrangement indicated by the photo above.
  2. Tune the Flute Blocks: Use the small rocks as references for a single click and the big rocks for five clicks to tune each Flute Block. The sequence from left to right is 2-11-9-5-7.
  3. Play the Melodic Sequence: After tuning all the blocks correctly, walk from left to right along them. As you proceed, the Flute Blocks will harmoniously play a melody reminiscent of the one heard during the Mermaid show at the Night Market.
  4. Mermaid’s Gratitude: The mermaid, perched on the rocks, will be enchanted by the melody you’ve played. As a token of her appreciation, she’ll reward you with 5x Golden Walnuts for your efforts.

You now possess all the knowledge needed to conquer the Stardew Valley Mermaid puzzle. Should you desire to tackle the additional mermaid puzzle presented during the Night Market, don’t hesitate to consult our dedicated Stardew Valley mermaid show puzzle solution guide for assistance.

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