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In Stardew Valley every Winter on the 15-17 there is a special vendor event that takes place in The Beach. This special vendor event is the Night Market. While this event is active players can visit the market from 5pm-2am to encounter vendor ships that feature special items and activities to take part in. One of the ships contains mermaids and shells. To use this ship you must solve a puzzle. Learn the Mermaid show shell code for Stardew Valley below.

Where is the Mermaid Show Ship

The Beach is the southern most section of Pelican Town. As the name suggests it is home to a beach. You will visit this area early on in the game to get the Fishing Rod from Willy. Once the Winter season is upon you, you will receive a letter telling you about the Night Market. When the Night Market is live on the 15-17 you can go to The Beach anytime between 5pm-2am to find ships there.

Image showing the Mermaid Show Ship in Stardew Valley's Night Market.
The Mermaid Show in the Night Market.

As for the Mermaid Show Ship you will find it on the far east side of the market. The planks laid out across the ships form a path leading to a boat that has a seashell and mermaid sign on it. Walk over to this boat and go inside to reach the Mermaid Show.

Mermaid Show Shell Code

When you enter the Mermaid Show Ship you will witness a brief show. When the show is completed and the curtains are closed you can push the shells in a certain sequence to earn a reward. The sequence is told to players in Secret Note #15. The sequence is 1-5-4-2-3. Push the correct shells in order and you will receive a Pearl for your puzzle solving.

Mermaid Show Shell Code Video Guide

Here’s a quick video showing you how to solve the Mermaid Show Shells puzzle. If you follow along you will see how to input the code correctly to receive the Pearl reward. If you liked the video be sure to like and subscriber to HTR’s YouTube channel.

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