Stardew Valley Journal Scrap #9 Mermaid Song Solution

On Stardew Valley’s Ginger Island players can find Journal Scraps. These Journal Scraps give insight into a variety of aspects of the island including secrets to be unlocked. One of the Journal Scraps, Journal Scrap #9, is fairly confusing to complete. To help you solve the secret from this hint we’ve put together the Stardew Valley Journal Scrap #9 Mermaid song solution guide below.

Journal Scrap #9: Blackgull’s Treasure

Image showing the ninth Journal Scrap in Stardew Valley.
Blackgull’s Treasure.

To get the ball rolling let’s take a look at what the Journal Scrap #9 says about the secret event on Ginger Island. Keep in mind you do not need to find this Journal Scrap to do the puzzle, but it does offer you some hints on what needs to be done. The scrap says the following:

  • “‘Twas a rain drenched day, and upon a lonely rock a beautiful maiden saw I. Tales I’d head of sea-born maidens singing siren’s songs, yet nary a note could she muster… The next morning I spied an arrangement of stone upon the foamy bank… Aye… stones as big as pennies and stones as big as nickels were they… If but this harried sea dog a tune could howl, perhaps to Blackgull’s treasure she would lead…

There are a few things to pull from the Journal Scrap. First we know we need to visit Ginger Island on a day when it is rainy. Second we know we need to look for an arrangement of rocks along the coast to complete the puzzle. Lastly we need to find some item to play a song with to solve the puzzle.

Get 5 Flute Blocks

Image showing part of the six heart event with Robin in Stardew Valley.
Getting the Flute and Drum Block recipes from Robin.

Before you can advance further on this puzzle you need to acquire a specific recipe for an item need to solve the puzzle. This recipe is for Flute Blocks. The Flute Block recipes is given to you by Robin after you’ve reached a relationship level of 6 hearts. At 6 hearts there is a heart event triggered by visiting Robin when she is home. During the event she gives you the recipe.

To craft Flute Blocks you need to combined 10x Wood, 2x Copper Ore, and 20x Fiber. To complete the siren’s song puzzle to get Blackgull’s Treasure you need 5x Flute Blocks. Craft them all now then continue with the guide.

Play a Song for the Mermaid on Ginger Island

Once you’ve acquired the Flute Blocks it’s time to solve the puzzle. Make your way to Ginger Island when it is raining. From the dock head to the right along the beach to the next section of the island (opens once you’ve built the Resort). In this next section of the island you will see a Flute Block symbol by five stones on the beach near a mermaid on a rock. This is where you need to solve the puzzle.

Image showing the Flute Block solution for the Mermaid Puzzle on Ginger Island.
Click the Flute Blocks the number of times shown above to tune them.

To solve the puzzle you need to play a song for the mermaid using the Flute Blocks we made. Place the blocks beside the stones on the beach. Once the blocks are placed you need to tune the Flute Blocks using the rocks as indicators of the notes each flute block needs to play. Small rocks = 1 click and big rocks = 5. The photo above shows how many times you need to click each Flute Block so it is tuned. From left to right the sequence is 2-11-9-5-7.

Upon fully tuning all blocks start from the left and walk to the right along them. As you walk the Flute Blocks will play a song that sounds a lot like the one played during the Mermaid show during the night market. The mermaid on the rocks likes the song you played and gives you 5x Golden Walnuts for your troubles.

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