Arm Wrestle Simulator Codes (July 2024)

Image showing the store page in the Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator experience.

Arm Wrestle Simulator codes provide players with exclusive opportunities to earn rewards within the popular Roblox experience. By inputting these special codes, players can access a range of boosts to enhance their characters’ abilities. This guide will keep you updated on the active codes, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition. Discover the complete list of Arm Wrestle Simulator codes below and make the most of your gameplay.

Codes on this page last updated on July 17, 2024

Active Arm Wrestle Simulator Codes List

Stay vigilant as the codes for this experience have expiration dates, making it crucial to stay up-to-date to gain a competitive edge. Below, you’ll find the currently active codes that provide various advantages in the game.

  • wizard: Stat boost and 35 Wizard Gems
  • cavefortune: Stat boost and 25 Miner’s Crystal
  • july4th: Stat boost
  • atlantis: Stat boost
  • sharkattack: Stat boost
  • vacation: Stat boost
  • icecold: Stat boost
  • rewindtime: Stat boost
  • tradeplazasoon: Stat boost
  • slimeonallpets: Stat boost
  • supermembership: Stat boost
  • magicworld: Stat boost
  • 800mvisits: Stat boost
  • forging: Stat boost
  • 1MILLION: Selection of different boosts
  • 600mvisits: Stat Boost
  • SEASON4: Season Pass EXP and Hidden Surprise
  • rocket: Strength Stat and Win Boost
  • 5kreactions: Strength Stat Boost
  • 500MILLION: Win Boost
  • ITSHULKTIME: Strength Stat Boost
  • LIKES: Luck and Win Boost
  • bigupdatesoon: Strength Stat Boost
  • THANKSFOR400M: Strength and Win Boost
  • WEDNESDAY: Strength and Win Boost
  • FIXED: Strength Stat Boost
  • 200m: Strength Stat Boost
  • enchant: 3 Rebirths
  • pinksandcastle: 1 Spin
  • Leagues: Win Boost
  • noob: 1 Spin
  • Secret: 1 Sand Egg
  • gullible: 1 Win
  • axel: 50 Wins

The aforementioned codes open doors to an array of rewards that significantly enhance your gameplay. They offer benefits such as wins, strength improvements, eggs, and additional spins for a chance to win more prizes.

How to Redeem Arm Wrestle Simulator Codes

Image showing the Store screen in the Arm Wrestle Simulator Roblox experience where the Codes input button is located.
Click the Codes button in the bottom right of the Store.

Redeeming codes in Arm Wrestle Simulator is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to ensure you make the most of these valuable rewards:

  1. Go to the “Store.”
  2. On the Store screen click the “Codes” button in the bottom right.
  3. Input code and push verify.
  4. Receive rewards if code is active.

To redeem a code, log into the game and access the Codes Button on the right side of the screen, situated above the Gift Icon. Once you interact with the icon, a text box will appear, allowing you to input the code. After entering the code, press “redeem” to activate it. If the code is currently active, you’ll receive a confirmation message along with your rewards.

Utilizing the game codes provided above will unlock a diverse range of advantages, from enhancing your wins and strength to acquiring eggs and bonus spins.

This article serves as a part of the comprehensive Arm Wrestle Simulator wiki and guides hub, offering valuable insights and information to aid you in your journey towards building strength and achieving success within the game. If you have any Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator Codes to share or questions to ask, feel free to drop them in the comments section below. Your engagement is highly appreciated as we continue to enhance your gaming experience.

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