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Arm Wrestle Simulator is a popular Roblox experience in which players train up their character to beat NPCs and other players. This experience features a number of important gameplay elements for players to understand. These various gameplay elements are listed below in our Arm Wrestle Simulator wiki and guides hub.

Arm Wrestle Simulator Gameplay Mechanics

Arm Wrestle Simulator Trails.
Trails are a gameplay mechanic you should know.

On the surface Arm Wrestle Simulator appears to be a very simple game. The player is tasked with increasing their Total Strength to become more powerful. This may seem simple to do, but there are actually a number of gameplay mechanics that players can use to increase the rate at which they grow their strength. The guides below detail the different Strength building mechanics.

Stat Boosters



Update Patch Notes

Arm Wrestle Simulator Worlds

Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator Beach bosses.
Beach World NPCs you can arm wrestle.

As you progress through Arm Wrestle Simulator you unlock new Worlds. Worlds are basically levels which feature tougher NPCs to fight, better training methods, and different services you can use. The guides below detail the different levels in Arm Wrestle Simulator and what’s inside of them.

Base Game Worlds

Event Worlds

As Arm Wrestle Simulator updates, this wiki will also update accordingly. Make sure to check back regularly for the addition of more guides that will assist you in your journey to build strength.

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