Arm Wrestle Simulator Greek World

Image showing the four eggs players can hatch in Greek World in Arm Wrestle Simulator.

The Arm Wrestle Simulator Greek World is a special limited time event World players can visit in this Roblox experience. This World features new NPC bosses to arm wrestle, new eggs to hatch, and new pets to collect. To learn everything you need to know about this World see our Greek World guide below.

How to Go to the Greek World in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Image showing the special portal that takes players to Greek World from the Space Gym in Arm Wrestle Simulator.
Portal to the Greek World in Gym.

To go to the limited time Greek World you need to reach the second World in the game called the Space Gym. To reach the Gym you need to have defeated the Champion in the School World and have collected 15,000 wins. Once you’ve completed these requirements you can leave the School and go to the Gym World.

In the Gym World you will find a special portal between the Hand and Bicep strength training station. This portal takes you to the Greek World. Go through the portal to reach the new event area. This World is available until September 23.

Greek World Training Methods in Arm Wrestle Simulator

To advance through Arm Wrestle Simulator you need to grow your strength. To do this you use a variety of training methods including a few that can be found in the Greek World area. These training methods are:

  • Bicep
  • Hands.
  • Knuckles.

All three of these different training methods are located in different areas of the Greek World. You will see their different icons showing where to stand to open their training menus. As you grow stronger you unlock higher weights that can be used to build more strength.

The Greek World uses its own Strength system, meaning the training you do in this area applies only to the World. When you begin this event world you start at 0 strength and must train up, regardless of what your strength is in the other Worlds outside of it.

Arm Wrestle Simulator Greek World Eggs & Pets

To improve the effectiveness of your training you want to acquire pets for their training boosts. To do this you hatch different eggs for a chance at different pets. In the Greek World there are four limited time eggs you can purchase using the wins currency. These eggs contain various types of pets of different rarities. The table below shows the eggs, pets, and chances of hatching them.

EggCost (Wins)Pet Hatch Chance
Spartan250Shield (50%)
Spear (30%)
Swordsman (20%)
Spartan Commander (0.0006%)

Greek Monster
6.2kCerberus (50%)
Lernaean Hydra (30%)
Cyclopes (20%)
Medusa (0.0006%)
Roman225kPluto (50%)
Neptune (30%)
Vulcan (20%)
Minerva (0.0006%)
Greek3.5mAres (50%)
Hermes (49%)
Poseidon (0.0004%)
Zeus (0.0002%)

Each time you hatch one of the eggs listed above you will receive a pet from it. The rarer the pet the more beneficial it is for improving your training. There are other eggs in the game that come from other sources including other areas, events, and the experience’s Store.

Greek World Bosses in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Image showing the five bosses that players can fight in Greek World in Arm Wrestle Simulator.
There are five bosses players can fight in Greek World.

To earn the win currency in the Greek World you need to faceoff against the different NPC bosses located there. There are five NPCs in total in this location that you can challenge. These NPCs get progressively harder to beat and require players to improve their strength to beat them. The harder the boss the more wins you earn from taking them on.

NPCRecommended StrengthStrengthReward (Wins)
Hercules13.9b (Bicep)12b (Bicep)+1
Medusa10qa (Hand)908.6t (Hand)+25
Kratos872qa (Knuckles)758.3qa (Knuckles)+625

As this is an event location there is no World to unlock after it. All you are doing in this World is farming NPC bosses for wins so you can hatch the different event eggs to get the limited time pets.

Greek World Daily Item Shop in Arm Wrestle Simulator

One new thing in Greek World is the inclusion of a daily item shop. To the right of the NPC bosses you will find an area with a store in it. Walk up and stand on the circle there to open the store menu. On the store screen you will a rotating group of items for purchase using Tickets. Items that can be for sale are:

  • Eggs.
  • Pets.
  • Boosts.
  • Pet Blueprints Pieces.

Due to the daily nature of this shop, the items for sale in it rotate each day. This means you will want to check the shop at least once per day to see if there are any deals/items to be bought.

If you are struggling with the Greek World location be sure to check out the Arm Wrestle Simulator Codes list we’ve put together. This list features all active codes for players to use in-game to unlock a variety of rewards and buffs.

This post is part of a larger Arm Wrestle Simulator wiki and guides hub. Check out that page for more guides like this one. These guides will help you in your Strength building journey.

Thoughts on our look at the Arm Wrestle Simulator Greek World location? Drop them in the comments below.



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