Arm Wrestle Simulator Tickets

Arm Wrestle Simulator Quests for Tickets.

The August 19th update of Arm Wrestle Simulator added a new gameplay element in the form of Pet Blueprints and Lucky Draw Tickets. Both of these gameplay elements allow players to earn pets to improve the effectiveness of their training. To learn more about the Arm Wrestle Simulator Tickets see our guide below.

How to Get Tickets in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Before you can start working on your Pet Blueprints you first need to collect Tickets. Tickets are earned through a variety of sources while you are playing this Roblox experience. The methods are a mixture of F2P and P2W:

  • Quests (F2P): Every hour there is a new Quest you can complete. Completing a Quest earns you a variety of rewards including Tickets. Quests are located on the right side of the screen under Quests.
  • Daily Gifts (F2P): One of the Daily Gifts is a 10x Tickets. Simply stay in the game long enough to earn it. Can be earned repeatedly.
  • Purchase (P2W): If you don’t want to grind hourly Quests you can purchase Tickets using Robux. Go to Pets > Blueprints > Tickets to purchase them.

To get the Pet Blueprint you want you will need to grind a lot of Tickets. This is due to the random nature of the system, which I explain in more details below.

What to Do With Tickets in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Screenshot showing the Arm Wrestle Simulator Lucky Draw chances.
Spend your tickets on the Lucky Draw to earn Blueprint Fragments.

Once you’ve acquired Tickets the next step is to spend them. Tickets are spent on the Lucky Draw. To use the Lucky Draw open the Pets menu then select Blueprints. On the Blueprints screen select Lucky Draw. On this screen you can spend your Lucky Tickets to spin for a chance at Blueprint Fragment. Blueprint Fragments come in different rarities and amounts which are based on luck.

This post is part of a larger Arm Wrestle Simulator wiki and guides hub. Check out that page for more guides like this one. These guides will help you in your Strength building journey.

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