Arm Wrestle Simulator Quests

Arm Wrestle Simulator OP quest for Huge Super Wyvern.

In Arm Wrestle Simulator Quests are special objectives that players can complete to earn rewards. These rewards range from Pets to Arms, and they offer players the chance to improve their overall Strength. To keep track of the currently available Arm Wrestle Simulator quest, see our guide below.

What Are the Arm Wrestle Simulator Quests Today

While playing the arm wrestle experience, look for special quests on the both the left and right sides of the UI under the ‘Quest’ and ‘Event’ tabs. Open either of these tab to find available quests you can complete while playing.

Completing either hourly quests or event quests can earn you various rewards including the following:

Completing the quests listed above is a very simple way to power up your character (especially if you are starting out). The objectives for these quests change hourly, so you will need to check them to see what to do. Many of them require training a certain body part or hatching a certain type of Pet to complete.

Once you complete a quest you will receive the reward from it. This reward will go in its designate place. After a quest is completed it resets, allowing you to complete it again. This means you can grind out a quest as much as you want.

This post is part of a larger Arm Wrestle Simulator wiki and guides hub. Check out that page for more guides like this one. These guides will help you in your Strength building journey.

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