Arm Wrestle Simulator Stages

Arm Wrestle Simulator Atlantis World.

In Arm Wrestle Simulator Stages are zones players must train and advance through to reach harder Stages. There are a number of Stages in the game currently that players can work their way through. The developers are also adding more Stages to the game continuously, so players will always have content to work through. To learn more about the different Stages in this Roblox experience, see our guide below.

How Many Main Worlds Are in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Arm Wrestle Simulator Beach Stage.
The Beach world.

To advance through Arm Wrestle Simulator players must train and defeat bosses in different Stages. These Stages get progressively harder, with players needing to train more defeat harder boss. There are currently 7 Worlds players can work their way through in the game. These Stages range from Starter difficulty all the way to Extreme difficulty.

On most Stages you will find Eggs, Training Methods, Bosses, and different utilities you can use. Most of the Stages in the game feature unique utility machines such as the Index, Enchanting Table, Gold Machine, or Void Machine. This means you have to visit previous Stages to use different machines and utilities.

World NumberWorld NameHow to Go to Next Stage
1School WorldDefeat Champion
15k Wins
2Space Gym WorldDefeat Rogue AI
20m Wins
3Beach WorldDefeat Kraken
20t Wins
4Nuclear Bunker WorldDefeat Mutant King
50Qi Wins
5Dino WorldDefeat Mammoth
500sx Wins
6Void WorldDefeat Cybernetic
25sp Wins
7Space Center World

To advance through the different Stages listed above you need to complete their exit requirements. These requirements typically involve defeating the Stage’s final boss and collecting a set number of wins. When you do both of these requirements you can use the Stage’s exit to go to the next Stage.

When you unlock a Stage you can revisit it whenever you’d like. The only way to reverse your Stage unlocks is to use the Super Rebirth function. This function returns stats, Stages, and Trails back to 0.

How Many Event Stages in Arm Wrestle Simulator

To keep things fresh and provide a bit of variety, the developers of Arm Wrestle Simulator sometimes hold special events. These events range in type, but sometimes they contain a special Stage for players to complete. So far there has been a total of 3 Event Stage for players to visit. These Stages are limited in time and become inaccessible when the event is over.

World NumberEvent
1Atlantis World
2Greek World
3Halloween World

In Event Stages players can earn special event currency, hatch event eggs, fight event bosses, and train. The currency, eggs, and bosses are all area themed and disappear when the event comes to a close. This means when an Event Stage is live you will want to spend your time there collecting the various limited time things.

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