Arm Wrestle Simulator Space Center World

The five bosses in the Space Center World of Arm Wrestle Simulator.

On October 28th Arm Wrestle Simulator received a sizable update that included the adding of World 7. This new world features new bosses to fight, new eggs to hatch, and new pets to acquire. To learn more about this world and everything inside of it, see our Arm Wrestle Simulator Space Center World guide below.

How to Get to Space Center World

The Pink Teleporter in Void World that leads to Space Center World.
You can Escape the Void using this teleporter when requirements are met.

To access the Space Center World, players must reach Void World, which is the sixth world in the game. Inside this world, you’ll find a pink teleporter that provides a gateway to the Space Center. However, to utilize this teleporter, you need to accomplish two tasks: defeat Cybernetic and accumulate 25 SP Wins. Once you’ve successfully met both of these requirements, you can enter the portal and venture to the new location.

Arm Wrestle Simulator Space Center World Eggs & Pets

In the Space Center, you’ll find four distinct eggs available for purchase using the in-game currency known as wins. These eggs house pets of varying rarities. To get a clearer picture of the eggs, the corresponding pets, and the chances of hatching them, refer to the table below.

EggCost (Wins)Pet Hatch Chance
Meteor3.7oStar Dog (50%)
Astro Chameleon (30%)
Blazing Penguin (20%)
Darkness Owl (0.01%)
Ginormous Meteor (0.01%)

6.2oCyberpunk Paw (50%)
Byte Bot (30%)
Neon Miner (20%)
Cog Whirl (0.01%)
Data Drifter (0.01%)
Deepsea20oDark Orc (50%)
Grounded Crab (39%)
Pirate Shark (1%)
Deep Leviathan (0.01%)
Rocket60oThruster Wolf (60%)
Galaxy Alien (40%)
Rocket Serpent (0.001%)
Giant Rocket (0.0001%)

Whenever you hatch one of the listed eggs
, you’ll receive a pet from it. It’s worth noting that rarer pets offer greater benefits for training improvement. Additionally, there are various other eggs available in the game, originating from diverse sources such as different areas, events, and the in-game store for your convenience.

Space Center World Bosses in Arm Wrestle Simulator

To acquire win currency within the Space Center, you must engage in battles with various NPC bosses situated in this area. There are a total of five NPCs available for you to challenge. It’s important to note that these NPCs become progressively more challenging, necessitating players to enhance their strength for victory. Notably, the more formidable the boss you defeat, the greater the number of wins you’ll earn in return.

NPCRecommended StrengthStrengthReward (Wins)
Rocket Rider53.1sx46.2sx
Missile Maven755.1sx656.6sx
Lair Guardian6.55sp5.7sp
Nova Nomad46.35sp40.3sp
Dr Propulsion475sp413.1sp

Slime-O-Fy Machine

The Slime-O-Fy machine in Arm Wrestle Simulator.
The Slime-O-Fy Machine allows you to further enhance your pets.

In the November 4th update for Arm Wrestle Simulator, developers introduced a new machine in the Space Center World. This machine enables players to Slime-O-Fy their Goliath pets, enhancing their strength and giving them a unique trail. Learn more in our Slime-O-Fy Machine guide.

As of now, the Space Center serves as the ultimate destination in the main game storyline. When you reach this stage, your primary activities involve collecting wins and obtaining pets. It’s important to note that as the next mainline location becomes available, this section will be revised to provide guidance on accessing it.

If you are struggling with the Space Center World location be sure to check out the Arm Wrestle Simulator Codes list we’ve put together. This list features all active codes for players to use in-game to unlock a variety of rewards and buffs.

This post is part of a larger Arm Wrestle Simulator wiki and guides hub. Check out that page for more guides like this one. These guides will help you in your Strength building journey.

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