Arm Wrestle Simulator October 28 Update Patch Notes

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Today Arm Wrestle Simulator received a fairly sizeable update. This update features new content for the Roblox experience as well as bug fixes and other game tweaks. If you are wondering what all is in the update, see the full Arm Wrestle Simulator October 28 update patch notes below.

The major new addition in the Arm Wrestle Simulator October 28 update is the adding of the game’s seventh world, Space Center. This world is accessible by using the Rocket Ship in Void World. This new world features 16 high powered Space Pets from 4 new eggs. There are also new bosses to fight.

Alongside this main addition there are a number of smaller additions in this update:

  • NEW! Use code rocket for 5% Stats & 2x Wins for 2 hours
  • NEW! Instant Void Gamepass
  • NEW! Platinum Crate & Keys
    • Added Extra Arm Inventory
  • Added 5 New Trails
  • Added 10 New Super Rebirths
    • Added 22 New Rebirths
    • Bug Fixes & QoL Changes

If you are trying to reach the new world be sure to check out our Arm Wrestle Simulator codes page. On this page you will find all of the available codes you can use in this experience.

Additionally if you are looking for more details about the new update, check out our complete Arm Wrestle Simulator wiki guide. This hub features various pages relating to the game including new world details.

Thoughts on the Arm Wrestle Simulator October 28 update patch notes? Drop them in the comments below.



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