Arm Wrestle Simulator Slime-O-Fy Machine

The Slime-O-Fy machine in Arm Wrestle Simulator.

In the November 4th update for Arm Wrestle Simulator there was a new machine added to the Roblox experience. This new machine is the Slime-O-Fy which allows you to Slime your pets. To learn everything you need to know about this machine, see our Arm Wrestle Simulator Slime-O-Fy Machine guide below.

Where is the Slime-O-Fy Machine

The Slime-O-Fy Machine is located in World 7: Space Center. To access this world, players need to meet the teleport prerequisites in World 6: The Void. Once you’ve reached World 7, head to the right of the world’s boss area, and you’ll discover the Slime-O-Fy Machine tucked away in a small alcove, ready for you to slime-transform your pets.

How to Use the Slime-O-Fy Machine

The Slime-O-Fy Machine in the game operates similarly to other in-game machines. To use it, just walk right into the machine. This action will prompt the Slime-O-Fy menu to appear, displaying all the Pets you can currently slime.

When you select a Pet from the machine’s menu, the next step is to press the ‘Roll‘ button. Keep rolling until your Pet attains its Slime Boost.

Before using this machine, keep in mind that you are limited in which Pets you can apply Slime Boosts to. Currently, only Goliath sized pets can receive a Slime Boost.

What Does the Slime Boost Do

Arm Wrestle Simulator Slime Boosts chances and Strength multiplier.
The Slime Boosts you can apply to your Pets.

The primary purpose of this machine is to bestow a Slime Boost upon your pet. There are currently four distinct Slime Boosts available, each associated with a specific color: Red, Purple, Blue, and Yellow. Each color of Slime Boost imparts a unique multiplier to your pet’s overall Strength.

The probabilities of rolling the various Slime Boosts are as follows:

  • Red (2x Strength) – 5%
  • Purple(1.75x Strength) – 10%
  • Blue (1.5x Strength) – 25%
  • Yellow (1.25x Strength) – 65%
  • There is a chance the Machine does nothing. You simply need to re-roll if this happens.

If you wish to remove the slime buff so you can re-roll a new one, go to the Cure Machine in World 4. Interact with this machine and push the Slime Button to bring up the de-slime menu. It takes 3 minutes and 1x Medicine to remove slime from a pet.

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