Arm Wrestle Simulator Mutate and Cure Machines

The location of the Mutate and Cure Machines in the Mutant Bunker in Arm Wrestle Simulator.

In Arm Wrestle Simulator Mutate and Cure machines are special machines located in the Mutant Bunker players can use. These machines both serve very specific purposes for players and their pets. To learn what these machines do, and how to use them, see our complete Mutate and Cure machine guide below.

Where to Find the Mutate and Cure Machines in Arm Wrestle Simulator

To find the Mutate and Cure machines you need to reach the Arm Wrestle Simulator‘s fourth world, Mutant Bunker. This location is accessed through the Beach world after you’ve defeated the Kraken NPC and have earned 20T Wins.

Once you’ve gained access to the Mutant Bunker you will find both the Mutate and the Cure machines between the Knuckle training area and the Player Battles. The Mutate machine is purple and the Cure machine is red. Stand in their respective circles to use whichever machine you’d like.

What Does the Mutate Machine Do in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Arm Wrestle Simulator Mutate machine menu.
The Mutate Machine menu.

The Mutate machine allows players to Mutate pets to make them stronger. To Mutate a pet stand in the purple machine circle. Standing in the circle opens the machine’s menu. On this menu first select the pet you wish to mutate (big circle) and then select up-to five pets to sacrifice (little circles). When you are ready push mutate and the mutation wheel will spin, equipping one on your selected pet.

Each time you sacrifice a pet as part of the mutation process you increase your chances of rolling better mutations on the pet you chose to enhance. The better the pet you sacrifice, the higher the chance of a better mutation. There are three types of mutations you can possibly roll from this machine:

  • Glowing – +20%.
  • Rainbow – +35%.
  • Ghost – +100%.

Each mutation listed above enhances your pet by either a little (Glowing) or a lot (Ghost). The Mutation enhancement boosts the pet’s total Strength. Once you’ve rolled a Mutation onto a pet it is stuck with it and will gain the respective Mutation prefix on its description.

What Does the Cure Machine Do in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Arm Wrestle Simulator Cure machine menu.
The Cure Machine menu.

The Cure Machine allows you to remove the mutation present on any of your pets. To remove a mutation stand in the Cure Machine’s circle to open its menu. On this menu select the pet you wish to remove the mutation from. Push the Cure button at the bottom and the pet will have its mutation removes.

Removing a pet’s mutation makes it possible to reroll that pet again to get the mutation you want on it. The cost of using this machine to cure one of your pets is a Health Kit.

As of the November 11th update you can now use the Cure Machine to remove the Slime Buff. There is a button on the machine for Slime. Push it and you will go to the slime removal screen. It takes 3 minutes and 1x Health Kit to remove the Slime Buff.

How to Get Health Kits in Arm Wrestle Simulator

The Health Kit item is a consumable items players can get two ways. The first way is to simply spend time in the Mutant Bunker world. Every 15 minutes you spend in this world you receive a Health Kit. If you don’t want to spend the time in the world you can also purchase the item using Robux. The cost is 99 Robux per kit purchased.

If you are using either machine and don’t see pets appearing, ensure they are unlocked. Locked pets will not show up on these machines. This can make it seem like you have no pets you can enhance, but you actually do.

Using both the Mutant Bunker machines is very important to advance through this world. Making your pets stronger using mutations allows you to train more effectively, which speeds up the grind time.

This post is part of a larger Arm Wrestle Simulator wiki and guides hub. Check out that page for more guides like this one. These guides will help you in your Strength building journey.

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