Arm Wrestle Simulator Nuclear Bunker World

Arm Wrestle Simulator Nuclear Bunker bosses.

In the Roblox experience, Arm Wrestle Simulator, after you defeat the final boss in the Beach World you unlock a new area called the Nuclear Bunker. It is one of the Worlds currently in the game. In the Nuclear Bunker is located higher level training, new eggs to hatch for pets, and new bosses to fight. To learn more about the Nuclear Bunker stage check out our complete Arm Wrestle Simulator Nuclear Bunker zone location guide below.

Nuclear Bunker Training Methods in Arm Wrestle Simulator

To advance through Arm Wrestle Simulator you need to grow your strength. To do this you use a variety of training methods including a few that can be found in the Nuclear Bunker area. These training methods are:

  • Bicep.
  • Hands.
  • Knuckles.

All three of these different training methods are located in different areas of the Nuclear Bunker. You will see their different icons showing where to stand to open their training menus. As you grow stronger you unlock higher weights that can be used to build more strength. The training methods on the Nuclear Bunker are stronger than those found in the School, Space Gym, and Beach Worlds.

Arm Wrestle Simulator Nuclear Bunker Eggs & Pets

Remnant 2 Nuclear Bunker Eggs.
Eggs you can hatch in the Nuclear Bunker Zone.

To improve the effectiveness of your training you want to acquire pets for their training boosts. To do this you hatch different eggs for a chance at different pets. In the Nuclear Bunker there are six eggs you can purchase using Wins. These eggs contain various types of pets of different rarities. The table below shows the eggs, pets, and chances of hatching them.

EggCost (Wins)Pet Chances
Rust75bSpike (50%)
Welder (35%)
Cowraider (10%)
Rustie (5%)
Rex (0.1%)
Iridescent 11.5tE-1 (50%)
C-7 (35%)
AT-10 (10%)
BEEF-10 (5%)
RAID-99 (0.1%)
Atom30tProto (50%)
Alpha (35%)
Alto (10%)
Neutrino (5%)
Evangilo (0.1?%)
Iridescent 2600tShirma (50%)
Veltro (35%)
Expa (14%)
Dimentro (1?%)
Mutant12qaSqueek (50%)
Sneak (35%)
Grime (14%)
Ravage (1?%)
Nuclear240qaLumoDog (40%)
LumoCat (30%)
LumoSheep (20%)
LumoBoxer (6%)
Blaze (5%)
Spark (1/2k)

Each time you hatch one of the eggs listed above you will receive a pet from it. The rarer the pet the more beneficial it is for improving your training. There are other eggs in the game that come from other sources including other areas, events, and the experience’s Store.

Nuclear Bunker Bosses in Arm Wrestle Simulator

To earn wins in the Nucler Bunker you need to faceoff against the different NPC bosses located there. There are five NPCs in total in this location that you can challenge. These NPCs get progressively harder to beat and require players to improve their strength to beat them. The harder the boss the more wins you earn from taking them on.

BossRecommended StrengthStrengthReward (Wins)
Mutant King2.5qi1.2qi+240,000,000,000,000,000
Defeat Mutant King Achievement

To unlock the next location, which is the Arm Wrestle Simulator Dino World, you need to defeat the Mutant King and earn a total of 50qi Wins. Once you’ve done this the circle on the dock behind the bosses, saying Nuclear Bunker, will unlock and you can go through it to reach the new area.

Other Arm Wrestle Simulator Nuclear Bunker Services

  • Mutate Machine: Place pets into the Mutate Machine to make them stronger.
  • Cure Machine: Place mutated pets into the Cure Machine to remove their mutations. Costs 1x Health Kit.

If you are struggling with the Nuclear Bunker World location be sure to check out the Arm Wrestle Simulator Codes list we’ve put together. This list features all active codes for players to use in-game to unlock a variety of rewards and buffs.

This post is part of a larger Arm Wrestle Simulator wiki and guides hub. Check out that page for more guides like this one. These guides will help you in your Strength building journey.

Thoughts on our look at the Arm Wrestle Simulator Nuclear Bunker location? Drop them in the comments below.



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