Arm Wrestle Simulator November 4 Patch Notes Update

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It’s Saturday, and that means it is time for a new update for Arm Wrestle Simulator. Last week we got a fairly large update with the release of World 7: Space Center. Today’s update addresses some of the balance issues from that new world and adds a new machine to the game. To learn more about what’s in the update, see the full Arm Wrestle Simulator November 4 patch notes below.

The November 4th update brings significant changes, mainly focusing on the Space Center World. The bosses have been slightly nerfed, reducing their overall health, and they now yield double the rewards upon defeat.

Furthermore, within the Space Center stage, a new addition is the Slime-O-Fy Machine, enabling you to slime your Goliath-sized pets. There are different types of Slime to apply. The more rare the slime color, the higher the strength multiplier applied to your pet.

Arm Wrestle Simulator November 4 Patch Details

Alongside this main addition there are a number of smaller additions in this update:


  • Doubled the wins from bosses
  • Lowered Boss HP by a large %
  • NEW! Slime-O-Fy Machine Unlocked!

NEW! Mythical Egg Quests

  • New Obtainable Limited Pets

Bug Fixes, Balancing & QoL Changes

  • Increased “Friend Boost” by 5% per friend
  • Added Teleport Screens to the zone > zone teleporting
  • Console Controls / Buttons Fixed
  • Free Gifts & Daily Gifts Scaled
  • Use code 600mvisits for 5% of your total added onto your stats!

+ so much more.

The next patch that released after the November 4th update was on November 11th. This patch contained rebalancing of worlds and the introduction of the Season 4 Pass.

If you are trying to reach the new world be sure to check out our Arm Wrestle Simulator codes page. On this page you will find all of the available codes you can use in this experience.

For more help with the game, check out our Arm Wrestle Simulator guide hub.

Thoughts on the Arm Wrestle Simulator November 4 patch? Drop them in the comments below.



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