Arm Wrestle Simulator November 11 Patch Notes Update

Arm Wrestle Simulator art.

It’s Saturday and that means a new update for the Roblox experience Arm Wrestle Simulator. This new update centers largely on rebalancing much of the game’s costs and rewards with a few new additions added in for good measure. The complete Arm Wrestle Simulator November 11 update patch notes are located below.

The November 11th update brings significant changes, mainly focusing on the late-game Worlds. Getting to Void World from Dino World now requires less wins, Worlds 4-7 have been rebalanced to focus on F2P, and they have reduced the cost of Space Center Eggs.

Additionally the developers have added the new Season Pass 4. This new season pass is repeatable as many times as you’d like. The pass contains new unlocks including new Pets. To level up the pass complete the new 40+ Daily & Weekly Quests.

Arm Wrestle Simulator November 11 Patch Details

Alongside this main addition there are a number of smaller additions in this update:

NEW! Season 4 Season Pass

  • NEW! 30 Regular & 30 Premium Rewards

These rewards include… Pets, Arms & other season pass exclusive items!

  • NEW! Giftable Season Passes
  • NEW! 40+ Daily & Weekly Quests to rotate between
  • NEW! Repeatable season pass rewards & more!

Friend Invite Store

  • Invite your friends to get BIG rewards for free! Last reward is a +2 pet equip slot!

Deslime Machine

  • You can now deslime your pets, head over to World 4’s cure machine to do this!

Massive Game Rebalance

  • Worlds 4, 5, 6 and 7 have received a BIG re-balance based on free2play formulas
  • World 7 egg cost reduced MASSIVELY!
  • Wins requirement for World 5 > 6 has been lowered by half

NEW! Use code: SEASON4+500 Season EXP + HIDDEN SURPRISE So many bug fixes & QoL Changes

This updates continues to build on what was added during the November 4th update. The developers have stated that the upcoming updates played for this experience will be “insane.”

Thoughts on the Arm Wrestle Simulator November 11 patch? Drop them in the comments below.



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