Arm Wrestle Simulator Halloween World

Halloween World in the Arm Wrestle Simulator Experience in Roblox.

Roblox’s Arm Wrestle Simulator introduced its third event world in the October 14, 2023 update, known as the Halloween World. Within this world, players can engage in a candy-collecting mechanic to hatch special event pets. For a more in-depth exploration of this new world, refer to our guide below.

How to Get to Halloween World

The Halloween Event portal in Space Gym World.
The Halloween Event portal is in the Space Gym.

To access the Halloween World, players must first unlock the second world in the game, known as Space Gym. Once you’ve gained entry to Space Gym, you’ll discover the portal located between the Hand Strength and Bicep training stations. This portal is easily recognizable by its distinctive green, orange, and black colors and is adorned with several jack-o’-lanterns. To enter the new area, simply walk through this portal.

How to Get Candy During the Halloween World Event

The Halloween World operates with a unique approach compared to previous events. Instead of battling bosses, your main objective is to collect a special in-game currency known as “Candy,” which can be used to acquire various event eggs. There are several ways to obtain Candy:

  1. Smashing Jack O’Lanterns and defeating Ghosts.
  2. Receiving it as a random drop when defeating any of the experience bosses (with a 1/3 chance).
  3. Successfully completing Spooky Quests.
  4. You can Trick or Treat at the houses in the world. These houses will sometimes give you Candy, Eggs, or nothing.

Currently the best strategy is to AFK NPC boss fights to earn the random Candy drops. This approach can earn a decent amount of Candy for you to spend in the world.

Halloween World Eggs & Pets

Collecting Candy grants you the opportunity to purchase four distinct eggs in the Halloween World. Inside these eggs, you’ll discover special event pets designed to enhance your training strength. The Halloween World eggs available for purchase are:

Tomb Egg Pet Chances (400 Candy/Egg)

  • Skeletal Parrot (50% chance).
  • Mummy Snake (30% chance).
  • Wandering Spirit (20% chance).
  • Grim Reaper Rat (0.1% chance).

Ectoplasmic Egg Pet Chances (1.65k Candy/Egg)

  • Banshee Bunny (50% chance).
  • Poltergeist Penguin (30% chance).
  • Cursed Teddy Bear (20% chance).
  • Ghostly Cat (0.1% chance).

Bewitched Egg Pet Chances (2.5k Candy/Egg)

  • Zombie Dog (40% chance).
  • Fraken Puppy (30% chance).
  • Werewolf Cub (20% chance).
  • Creepy Spiderling (10% chance).
  • Vampire Bat (0.1% chance).

Cauldron Egg Pet Chances (5k Candy/Egg)

  • Witch Familiar (60% chance).
  • Sorcerer’s Toad (39% chance).
  • Gargoyle Guppy (1% chance).
  • Wicked Wizard Owl (0.0025% chance).
  • Haunted Pumpkin (0.00005% chance).

If you prefer not to hatch eggs, you also have the option to buy pets from the Demon Market. In this marketplace, you can use your Candy to acquire event pets, and the available selection changes every hour. Additionally, the market offers various other items for sale, such as Snacks and boosts.

Candy Fuse Cauldron (added October 18th)

The Candy Cauldron next to the Spooky Quest.
The Cauldron is next to the Spooky Quests.

In the additional October 18th Halloween update the developers added the Candy Fuse Cauldron. This cauldron allows you to apply two new event specific Enchantments for use in the world. These two enchantments are:

  • Candy Thief (Level 1 > 3): Adds multiplier to how much candy you obtain based on a % chance.
  • Pumpkin Smash (Level 1 > 3): Chance to deal more damage to the pumpkins spawned around the Halloween world.

Applying these Enchantments to your pets is completely free. All you have to do is wait for 30 minutes for the enchantment to take effect on the pet.

To improve your efficiency in the Halloween World of Arm Wrestle Simulator, be sure to check out our codes for Arm Wrestle Simulator post. These codes can grant you strength stat boosts, win boosts, and other valuable rewards, assisting you in advancing more efficiently in the game.

For additional guides similar to this one, don’t forget to visit our Arm Wrestle Simulator wiki. This guide hub offers a variety of walkthroughs for the game.

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