Arm Wrestle Simulator Halloween Update Patch Details

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The Arm Wrestle Simulator Halloween update was released on October 14th, 2023. This update features the limited-time addition of a new location, a new currency to collect, new pets, and various fixes to the core game.

What’s in the October 14 Halloween Update of Arm Wrestle Simulator

The primary and most significant addition in this Roblox update is the Halloween World, which you can access through a portal within the Gym World, leading to an event-exclusive world available for a limited time.

True to its name, Halloween World, in Arm Wrestle Simulator, is themed around the Halloween season, featuring a central graveyard and the surrounding houses adorned as if it were Halloween night.

In the Halloween World your main goal is to gather a new currency called Candy. This currency comes from a few sources. These sources are as follows:

  • Destroying Jack O’Lanterns.
  • Destroying Ghosts.
  • Completing quests.
  • Using developer provided AWS Codes.
  • Defeating bosses in the core game.

Collect Candy currency to unlock four new eggs within the world, each housing exclusive Halloween-themed pets with formidable strength. You can also use Candy at the Demon Market to access potent pets, snacks, and a variety of bonuses.

In addition to the event-related content, the update enhances the Arm Wrestle Simulator experience with various quality-of-life improvements, such as a revamped abbreviation system and teleport enhancements, all aimed at smoothing the player experience and addressing world transition issues. The developers encourage players to report any loading problems they encounter in dedicated bug threads on the AWS Discord.

What’s in the October 18 Halloween Update of Arm Wrestle Simulator

Part 2 of the Halloween update was released on October 18th. This second portion of the update was smaller inside and only featured a few new additions to the Halloween event:

  • Update to cost of eggs in Halloween World. All eggs are now cheaper.
  • Lowered the price of things in the Demon Market. The Haunted Pumpkin price was not lowered.
  • Added the Candy Fuse Cauldron.
    • Use this Cauldron to add new 2 New Pet Enchants: Candy Thief & Pumpkin Smash.
      • Candy Thief (Level 1 > 3), adds multiplier to how much candy you obtain based on a % chance
      • Pumpkin Smash (Level 1 > 3), chance to deal more damage to the pumpkins spawned around the Halloween world.
  • New UGC quest for RED ANTLERS.
    • Unlocks when you collect 3.75 Million Candy.
    • There are 6,666 available.
  • You can now Trick or Treat at the houses in Halloween World. You have a chance to get candy or nothing.

What’s in the October 19 Halloween Update of Arm Wrestle Simulator

Kubo keeps releasing changes to the Arm Wrestle Simulator Halloween event. The Arm Wrestle Simulator October 19th update contains the following changes & additions:

  • 2x New limited time AWS codes.
  • Changed Candy payout from Boss fights. Now 1/3 + 100% more Candy.
  • Candy Quests have been scaled up and impossible quests have been removed.
  • All Spectral Scorpions are now BEST FRIEND 8, and will be a GUARANTEED best friend 8.

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