Arm Wrestle Simulator Cauldron

The Candy Cauldron next to the Candy Cauldron.

In the October 18th portion of the Arm Wrestle Simulator Halloween update, developers Kubo added the Candy Fusion Cauldron. This special cauldron allows players to enchant pets with useful enchants for Halloween World. To learn more about the Arm Wrestle Simulator Cauldron, read our guide below.

Where is the Candy Fuse Cauldron

To locate the Candy Fuse Cauldron make your way to the Halloween World event area by teleporting or using the portal in the Space Gym. In the spawn location of this event world you are in a graveyard. In the graveyard face the Witches House which gives the Spooky Quests. To the right of the house you will see the Cauldron sitting there.

How to Use the Candy Fuse Cauldron

Once you’ve located the Cauldron, walk over towards. To bring up the Enchantment menu stand in the green circle. Doing this brings up a special menu that allows you to place up to three pets in it. Select the pets you want to Enchant, for free, and place them in the Candy Fuse Cauldron for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes has concluded you can return to the Cauldron to reclaim your pets.

What are the Arm Wrestle Simulator Cauldron Enchantments

The purpose of the Candy Fuse Cauldron in Arm Wrestle Simulator is to allow you to enchant your pets with special, event focused Enchantments. There are two Halloween Enchantments you have the possibility of applying to your pets from using the machine:

  • Candy Thief (Level 1 > 3): Adds multiplier to how much candy you obtain based on a % chance.
  • Pumpkin Smash (Level 1 > 3): Chance to deal more damage to the pumpkins spawned around the Halloween world.

If you are struggling getting Candy in Halloween World, these enchantments should help improve both the amount you receive and how quickly you can farm the pumpkins in the world.

Can You Remove the Cauldron Enchantments in AWS

If you wish to remove the special Halloween Enchantments from your pets you have to use the Enchantment table in the Space Gym. Doing the reversal costs you Rebirth tokens and replaces the event Enchantment with a base game enchantment instead.

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