Arm Wrestle Simulator Knuckle Head UGC

Arm Wrestle Simulator Knuckle Head event details.

The Arm Wrestle Simulator Knuckle Head is a Limited Avatar Item players can unlock for Roblox. This item is part of a limited time event that features three quests to complete. Completing these three quests unlocks the avatar item for use on your Roblox character. To learn more about the Knuckle Head UGC, consult our guide below.

How to get the Simulator Knuckle Head UGC in Arm Wrestle Simulator

To get the Knuckle Head UCG item for yourself in Roblox you need to complete three specific quests. These specific quests task you with defeating certain NPC bosses and ranking up the Season Pass. Full details on the three quests are as follows:

  • Defeat Champion (World 1: School).
  • Defeat Rogue AI (World 2: Space Gym).
  • Reach Season Pass Level 15.
    • Season Pass can be levelled up by completing daily and weekly quests or purchasing rank ups.

This event is limited to the stock of the Knuckle Head items available. There are a total of 50,000 of these Limited Avatar Items for players to acquire. This number is decreasing daily, so you will need to act fairly quickly if you want this item for yourself.

Once you unlock the item you can equip it on the Roblox Avatar Editor page. This limited-item is a head piece, meaning you will find it with the other head pieces you’ve acquired during your time playing Roblox. Simply select it from the inventory to equip it on your character.

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