Arm Wrestle Simulator Free Gamepass Quest

The Arm Wrestle Simulator Free Gamepass quest is now available for players to complete following today’s update. This new quest, when completed, earns players the Basic Luck Gamepass. To learn how to complete this quest see our Arm Wrestle Simulator Free Gamepass quest walkthrough below.

How to Unlock the Free Gamepass in Arm Wrestle Simulator

To unlock the current, Free Gamepass, players must complete three quest requirements. These requirements are located on the Free Gamepass quest screen. For a limited time you can complete the following tasks to unlock the Basic Luck Gamepass for free:

  • Defeat Ripper Doc in Space Gym 25 times.
  • Defat Rogue AI in Space Gym 25 Times.
  • Play the game for 90 minutes.

The above mentioned objectives must all be completed within the same play session. If you do one objective and then log off, you will lose the progress from that objective when you log back into the game. Be sure to complete everything listed above in a single play session.

Once you’ve completed everything in a single session navigate to the Free Gamepass screen. On this screen you will see a large green ‘Claim!’ button. Push the button to receive you free game pass.

Tips for Completing the Free Gamepass Quest

If you are having trouble getting strong enough to completing the above mentioned, take a look at our Arm Wrestle Simulator guides hub. There you will find a variety of guides detailing the game’s different mechanics. One key mechanic for you to know is Rebirth and Super Rebirth. Both of these options allows the player to become exponentially stronger, which will help in completing the tasks mentioned above.

Additionally you should also check out the currently active Arm Wrestle Simulator codes. Many of these codes give you gameplay buffs that make your character stronger.

Thoughts on our Arm Wrestle Simulator Free Gamepass quest guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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