Arm Wrestle Simulator Trails

Arm Wrestle Simulator Trails.

Arm Wrestle Simulator Trails are special items players can equip to increase their Total Strength and movement speed. These items can be purchased using Wins and are very important to becoming stronger. To learn more about Trails in Arm Wrestle Simulator, and what they can do, see our complete guide below.

What are Trails in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Trails are items player can equip on their character that give the player a visual trail when they run. Alongside this visual change the item also increases both Total Strength and player movement speed.

There are a number of different types of Trails for players to purchase in the game, with the more expensive ones being stronger. As more updates released the amount of Trails for sale will increase as well.

How to Get Trails in Arm Wrestle Simulator

To get Trails you need to purchase them using Wins. On the game’s main UI screen there is a Trails icon among the icons on the left side of the screen. Push this icon to open the Trails screen. On this screen you will find all available Trails that you can purchase. The currently available Trails are:

TrailCost (in Wins)Stat Effects
Starter5Total Strength: +5%
Speed: +1%
Blue125Total Strength: +10%
Speed: +5%
Green625Total Strength: +15%
Speed: +10%
Yellow3.5kTotal Strength: +20%
Speed: +12%
Red75kTotal Strength: +35%
Speed: +16%
Midnight750kTotal Strength: +45%
Speed: +19%
Day Rainbow2.2mTotal Strength: +60%
Speed: +25%
Night Rainbow20mTotal Strength: +80%
Speed: +35%
Zebra75mTotal Strength: +100%
Speed: +45%
Police375mTotal Strength: +125%
Speed: +55%
Money9.3bTotal Strength: +150%
Speed: +65%
Chunky225bTotal Strength: +175%
Speed: +75%
RGB1.5tTotal Strength: +200%
Speed: +85%
Flames11.4qaTotal Strength: +225%
Speed: +90%
Hazardous4.8qiTotal Strength: +250%
Speed: +95%
Sparkle20qiTotal Strength: +260%
Speed: +100%
Zephyr500qiTotal Strength: +270%
Speed: +105%
Mystic1sxTotal Strength: +280%
Speed: +110%
Radiant6sxTotal Strength: +290%
Speed: +115%
EtherealTotal Strength: +300%
Speed: +120%
Mystique27sxTotal Strength: +305%
Speed: +125%
Emerald55sxTotal Strength: +310%
Speed: +130%
Corrupted120sxTotal Strength: +315%
Speed: +135%
Cartoon275sxTotal Strength: +320%
Speed: +140%
NuclearTotal Strength: +325%
Speed: +145%
PlasmaTotal Strength: +340%
Speed: +150%
ChronosTotal Strength: +355%
Speed: +155%
Artic8.5oTotal Strength: +370%
Speed: +160%
Lightning214.8oTotal Strength: +385%
Speed: +165%
Crimson5.3nTotal Strength: +400%
Speed: +170%

Trails you purchased can be equipped from the same screen you bought them on. On this screen you will see which one is currently active. To change to a different Trail simple tap/click one you’ve purchased to switch to it.

Do Trails Stay Through Rebirth/Super Rebirth?

A very important note to keep in mind with Trails is that they are not permanent. Trails last through Rebirths, but do not last through Super Rebirths. This means if you Super Rebirth you have to repurchase any Trails you had previously. This is different than Arms which carry over between both Rebirth and Super Rebirth.

This post is part of a larger Arm Wrestle Simulator wiki and guides hub. Check out that page for more guides like this one. These guides will help you in your Strength building journey.

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