Arm Wrestle Simulator Tokens

The Tokens shop in Arm Wrestle Simulator.

During the November 18th update for the Arm Wrestle Simulator experience in Roblox, the developers added a new currency called Tokens. This new currency allows players to purchase various store items and trade them with their friends for pets. To learn all you need to know about the Arm Wrestle Simulator Tokens, see our guide below.

How to Get Tokens in Arm Wrestle Simulator

You can acquire Tokens through a few in-game methods:

  1. You earn +1 every half-hour you are in the game
  2. Receive the currency in a trade
  3. Purchase them from the shop using Robux

As you can see from the list above, there are a variety of ways to earn the Tokens currency. The simplest is to purchase them, but that requires real-world money. If you AFK for hours and hours you can earn a decent amount of up to 48 Tokens/day.

What to Do with Tokens in AWS

Once you’ve earned some Tokens in AWS you will probably be wondering what to do with them. There are two things (currently) that you can do with your Tokens:

  1. Buy shop items using Tokens
  2. Trade them for Pets with other players

When you are on the Shop screen you will notice a button in the lower right corner that says Tokens. Push this button to swap the prices to Tokens. Not everything in the Shop sells for Tokens. Just certain items.

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