Arm Wrestle Simulator Lucky Block

Lucky Block spawn message.

In the October 7th update for Arm Wrestle Simulator the Lucky Block was added. This block randomly spawns into different worlds and can be destroyed to earn various in-game rewards. To learn more about the Arm Wrestle Simulator Lucky Block, see our complete guide below.

What is the Lucky Block in Arm Wrestle Simulator

The Lucky Block from Arm Wrestle Simulator.
A Lucky Block spawn.

The Lucky Block is a randomly spawning block that appears in the game’s various worlds for a limited time. When the block spawns in you will receive a message on your screen saying, “Lucky Block spawned in a random world.” The block, when it appears, looks like a Mario ? block. If you approach the block you will see a task you need to complete.

How to Break the Lucky Block in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Breaking the Lucky Block is simple to do. When you find the block you will need to approach it. When you approach the block you will see a message on it that says that you need to gain X (number) of strength to break it. Use your favorite training method (Bicep, Hands, Knuckles) to train to the required number. When you reach the number you will break the block.

Rewards from the Lucky Block in AWS

Destroying the Lucky Block earns players in-game rewards. There are a number of rewards you can get from the Lucky Block including Wins, Snacks, and event 2x Wins for 30 minutes. Keep in mind that you have a limited time to break the Lucky Block to get its rewards, so be sure to find and break it when it spawns.

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