Arm Wrestle Simulator Goliath Machine

Image showing the Goliath Machine in Arm Wrestle Simulator.

In the Mega Kraken update of Arm Wrestle Simulator, developers introduced the Goliath Machine, a new feature that enables players to craft colossal-sized pets for use within the game. For a comprehensive understanding of the Goliath Machine, please refer to our in-depth guide provided below

Where is the Goliath Machine in Arm Wrestle Simulator

The Goliath Machine is situated within world two, known as the Space Gym. You can find this machine in the same location where the Enchantment Table used to be, positioned between the NPC’s area and the Knuckle Strength Training station. The Enchantment Table has been relocated to the center of the world.

How to Use the Goliath Machine in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Image showing the Goliath Machine menu in Arm Wrestle Simulator.
The menu players use to create a Goliath Pet.

The Goliath Machine works similar to other machines in the game. Players that wish to use the machine simply need to walk up to it to open its menu. When the menu is open players can place Huge Pets into this machine. After placing a Huge Pet into the machine you then need to spend a newly added currency called Bolts to trigger the Goliath making process. This process takes 15 minutes to complete.

How to Get Bolts in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Bolts are a time based currency players accrue while being in the Arm Wrestle Simulator experience. Players automatically receive +10 Bolts every 10 minutes, boosting their in-game currency.. To make a Goliath Pet players need to have at 100 Bolts accrued to spend. This means getting enough Bolts to make a single Goliath Pet takes 100 minutes of in-game time to create.

What Do Goliath Pets do in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Goliath Pets are the largest size pets currently in the game. These pets are larger than Huge Pets and are far more powerful. From a purely numbers perspective a Goliath Pet gets a 2.5x stat boost. Additionally, players are able to mount and ride Goliath Pets around the different worlds that are currently in the game.

There’s no restriction on the number of Goliath Pets players can have in their party.. You can run a full team of Goliath Pets if you wish. This means you can take some of the best pets in the game and make them even stronger using the Goliath Machine.

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