Ultimate Football Codes (July 2024)

Roblox Ultimate Football code screen.

Roblox’s Ultimate Football experience offers players the chance to engage in America’s second-favorite pastime, Football. In this game, you’ll play the sport by passing, running, and tackling your way to victory. To gain an advantage over your opponents, here’s the full list of Ultimate Football codes to unlock boosts and enhance your gameplay.

Codes on this page last updated on July 22, 2024

Working Ultimate Football Codes

Ultimate Football codes provide players with a variety of free items and rewards when used in the experience. These codes change regularly with many expiring while new ones are added. The list below contains all of the currently active Ultimate Football codes you can use in-game:

  • FIREWORKS2024 – 5K ribbons
  • SEASON8 – rewards
  • TEAMDANCES – 10k coins
  • SEASON7 – 10k coins
  • EASTER2024 – 5k eggs
  • SuperBowlLVIII – 10k coins
  • UF200K – 10k coins
  • FEBNEWSLETTER – 10k coins
  • SuperBowlLVIII – redeem for 10k coins
  • 200KG – 10k coins
  • 110KLIKES – 10k coins
  • 100KLIKES – 10k coins
  • JanuaryNewsletter – 10k coins
  • 95KLIKES – 10k coins
  • 90KLIKES – 10k coins
  • HOLIDAY2023 – 10k coins
  • 85KLIKES – 10k coins
  • 80KLIKES – 10k coins
  • EPICSOTM – 10k coins
  • SEASON5 – 10k coins
  • CYBERMONDAY2023 – 10k coins
  • 70KLIKES– 10k coins
  • THANKSGIVING2023 – 10k coins
  • FREESLICES – 5k slices

How to Input Ultimate Football Codes in Roblox

The Roblox Ultimate Football code input screen.
Input codes into the box shown in this screenshot.

Before you can enter any of the codes mentioned above, you must attain a a rating of 30 OVR. When you begin playing, your OVR is 20. To level up, you need to play 3 hours of of Gameplay or Park to achieve the necessary 30 OVR which unlocks code redeems.

Once you’ve reached this level do the following steps to input codes:

  • Go to Roblox and launch Ultimate Football
  • Go to the Community tab on the home page
  • Click Item Codes
  • Enter your code in the “Insert Codes Here” text box and click the tick icon to redeem

That’s all you need to do to input the Ultimate Football codes. If more codes are added or removed I will update this list accordingly to keep it updated. Be sure to comeback regularly if you want more codes.

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