Stardew Valley Pirates on Ginger Island

In the Ginger Island 1.5 update for Stardew Valley there are a number of interesting secrets and interactions players can encounter. One of the more interesting ones is a roaming band of pirates that will visit the cave on Ginger Island. To learn more about Pirates in Stardew Valley and how you can encounter them for yourself see our guide below.

How to Unlock the Pirate Cove

Image showing the Resort in Stardew Valley.
Resort on Ginger Island.

Before you can encounter pirates you need to gain access to the area on Ginger Island that they visit. This area is in the southeast corner of the island and is aptly named Pirate Cove. To unlock Pirate Cove you need to get to Ginger Island then you need to build the Resort on the island. This building costs 20 Golden Walnuts to unlock and when built it cleans up the beach area. This allows you to reach the Pirate Cove which is accessible by heading east along the Resort beach.

When Do Pirates Visit Ginger Island and What Can You Do

Image showing the Pirates in Stardew Valley's Pirate Cove.
The Pirates on Ginger Island.

Once you’ve built the Resort you will unlock the chance of Pirates visiting the island. Pirates visiting the Pirate Cove relies on two variables: date and weather. Pirates visit the cove on even number days when the weather is not rainy on the island. They appear in the evening after 8:00 PM. You will know they are in the cove as it will be decorated, there will be pirates around, and the music changes. While the pirates are having their party you can take part in the following:

  • Darts: Compete in Darts to earn Golden Walnuts. Can be done 3x times.
  • Mead from Bartender: Receive 1x Mead from the bartender each Pirate visit when wearing the Pirate Hat or Eyepatch.

That’s all you can really do during the event. There is a fun little Easter Egg you may have noticed with two of the pirates being dressed oddly like Mario & Luigi. They have some dialogue that further emphasis they are basically the famous Nintendo brothers.

These aren’t the only scurvy dogs in the 1.5 update for Stardew Valley. New NPC Birdie was once married to a pirate and she has a questline associated with her love. See how to complete Birdie’s quest in our guide.

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