What to Grow for the Frog on Ginger Island in Stardew Valley

On Ginger Island next to the farm area there is a cave you can visit that houses a frog named Gourmand Frog. This frog makes requests of you to grow certain crops on your farm. To help you learn what to grow for the frog in Stardew Valley we’ve put together a short guide. In the guide below you will learn every crop you need to grow at the Ginger Island farm.

Where to Find the Frog on Ginger Island

Image showing where to find the Gourmand Frog on Ginger Island in Stardew Valley.
Location of the Gourmand Frog.

After you build the Sleep Hut on Ginger Island you will unlock a cave slightly northeast of the hut you can enter. Inside this cave you will encounter an NPC known as the Gourmand Frog. This NPC will give you a cryptic clue of what you should be growing in your garden outside. The answers to each clue are below.

What Pink Thing to Grow the Frog

Image showing what pink thing to grow the frog in Stardew Valley.
Melons are the pink thing.

The first crop the Gourmand Frog wants you to grow is da pink thing. This hint should narrow down the crop you need to plant. To complete this portion of the questline you need to grow Melons on the island farm. Once you’ve planted the Melons you need to tend to them until they are fully grown. After the Melons are fully grown tell Gourmand Frog that you grew the crop. This will trigger a cutscene where the frog appears in your farm. You will receive 5 Golden Walnuts for your efforts.

What Long Yellow thing to Grow the Frog

Image showing What Long Yellow thing to Grow the Frog in Stardew Valley.
Wheat is the long yellow thing.

After the first interaction you can speak to the frog again to trigger the second part of the quest. This second part tasks you with planting the longo yellow ticklin’ thing. The crop the frog is talking about is Wheat. Grow Wheat until you can harvest it then return to the frog and tell it you’ve grown the thing. The frog will again come outside into the farm to look at your crops. You will get another 5 Golden Walnuts for completing this second tasks.

What Zesty Ground-Fruit to Grow the Frog

Image showing What Zesty Ground-Fruit to Grow the Frog in Stardew Valley.
Garlic are the zesty ground-fruit.

Upon completing the second growing order you can trigger a third interaction. This interaction hints at growing a zesty ground-fruit that makes your breath smell. The crop the frog is referring to is Garlic. Plant the Garlic then grow it until it is harvestable. Return to the frog and speak to him to trigger another cutscene. After this cutscene you will 5 Golden Walnuts.

Once you’ve grown the final crop you will have completed this side-quest. This side-quest is one of many on the island players can complete to earn Golden Walnuts. These Golden Walnuts pay an important part of the island’s core gameplay as they are used to unlock a variety of buildings and services on the island.

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