How to Befriend Leo in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley update 1.5 added a couple of new characters to the popular farming simulator. These characters reside on Ginger Island where the players can visit them. Like other NPCs in the game you can create relationships with these characters that will unlock different events and rewards. One of the characters you can forge a relationship is Leo, a ship-wrecked kid. Learn how to befriend Leo in Stardew Valley below.

Where to Find Leo

Image showing Leo's house in Stardew Valley.
Leo’s house on the island.

Leo can be found on Ginger Island on the east side of the island. In this area Leo lives in a treehouse with his parrot friend. When you first visit the island you will have to visit Leo to advance the island’s storyline. Leo has his own schedule on the island that sees him visit different parts of the island at certain times of the day.

Image showing Leo's house in Stardew Valley.
Leo’s tree house in Pelican Village once fully befriended.

In Stardew Valley: Leo can move to Stardew Valley at six hearts. When in Stardew Valley Leo lives in a treehouse to the left of Linus’ tent. This treehouse is built overnight by some parrots when Leo moves to the valley.

What Gifts to Give Leo

Image showing what gifts to give Leo in Stardew Valley.
Leo loves Duck Feathers.

Like other characters in Stardew Valley you build a relationship with Leo by giving him gifts he likes. To get the most bang for your buck you want to give Leo items he really likes. The items Leo loves are:

  • Duck Feathers.
  • Mango.
  • Ostrich Egg.
  • Poi.

Giving Leo any of the items above will net you the most positive relationship points with him. When ever possible give Leo any of the love items listed above. If not available you can give him any of the items he likes:

  • Dragon Tooth.
  • Nautilus Shell.
  • Rainbow Shell.
  • Sea Urchin.
  • Spice Berry.

Each time you give Leo an item try to ensure the item is either a Love or at least a Like. This will ensure you build the relationship with him as quickly as possible. Be sure to give Leo a gift twice a week to build up your relationship as quickly as possible. Also try to gift him on his Summer 26th birthday for 8x the effectiveness.

All Leo Heart Events

Leo has a total of four heart events players can experience as they build the relationship with this character. Each of these events is related to learning more about the character and his backstory. One important note to make is that Leo will move to Stardew Valley at six hearts. He will visit Ginger Island on Sundays and some Mondays once he moves.

Note: Dialogue choices do not effect your friendship with Leo.

Two Hearts Event: West Island Meeting

Image showing the Leo Two Hearts Event West Island meeting.
Leo 2 hearts event.

The first heart event can be triggered on the West Island area once you’ve reached two hearts with Leo. During this event Leo will join you as you look out onto the ocean next to the ship wreck. During this interaction you can respond to Leo when he asks what you are doing. You will then talk about life in Stardew Valley.

Four Hearts Event: North Island Meeting

Image showing the Leo Four Hearts Event North Island Meeting in Stardew Valley.
Leo 4 hearts event.

The second heart event occurs at four hearts with Leo. Once you’ve reached this threshold simply enter the north island area to trigger a cutscene with the ship-wrecked bird lad. During this event Leo is looking out over the ocean towards Stardew Valley. Leo will talk about his life and living on the island.

Six Hearts Event: South Island Meeting

Image showing the Leo Six Hearts Event South Island Meeting in Stardew Valley.
Leo 6 hearts event.

You can trigger the third heart event with Leo by entering the south island dock area of Ginger Island when you’ve hit six hearts with him. This will trigger a cutscene where Leo and the farmer will meet with Willy and Linus on the dock. Linus and Leo will bond and Leo will move to a treehouse in Stardew Valley.

Leo Seven & Eight Hearts Events: Recipes in the Mail

At seven hearts with Leo he will send you a recipe in the mail. This recipe is for the cooking dish called Poi. Once you receive this letter you can make the dish whenever you please. Leo will send you another recipe at eight hearts for the Mango Sticky Rice.

Nine Hearts Event: Mountain of Stardew Valley

The final heart events takes place on Stardew Valley Mountain area where Linus and Leo live. Enter the Mountain area upon reaching nine hearts with Leo. When you enter the mountain area you will trigger a cutscene where you see how Leo is adjusting to Stardew Valley over a short montage.

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