Cave Patrol Guide – Stardew Valley

Cave Patrol is a Special Order side quest players can complete for Clint in Stardew Valley. This special order tasks you with defeating 50 cave creatures in 7 days time. Completing this order will earn you the Geode Crusher Recipe which allows you to open Geodes on your farm. To help you complete this order see our Cave Patrol guide below.

Special Order Details

  • For: Clint.
  • Description: “The number of [monster] in the local caves have made mining dangerous… for other people, not me. There’s good money for anyone willing to slay 50 of them.” – Clint.
  • Duration: 7 days.
  • Item Needed: Slay 50 cave creature.
  • Rewards: 6000 Gold; Geode Crusher Recipe.

Where to Find Cave Monsters for Clint in Stardew Valley

Image showing a Bat in Stardew Valley.
Bat in Stardew Valley.

Once you’ve accepted this Special Order from Clint you will need to get hunting. The creatures we need to find and defeat a certain cave creature. The easiest method to finding, and defeating, the different monsters is to farm the mountain cave. The creatures you may need to slay are:

  • Bats: Floors 31-39; 41-79; 81-119.
  • Dust Sprites: Floors 41-79.
  • Skeletons: Floors 71-79.
  • Grubs: Floors 15-29.

Regardless of which monster you need to slay make your way to the floors they are found on and start defeating them. Continue doing this until you reach the required 50 monsters slain mark (tracked in your journal).

Claim Rewards

Image showing unlocking the Geode Crusher in Stardew Valley.
Letter from Clint containing the Geode Crusher recipe.

Upon defeating the 50th monster for Clint your journal entry will update. Navigate to the journal entry and collect the first portion of the reward payout which is 6000g. Once that reward is collected, finish out the day and head back to your farm. Sleep so the day passes. On the next day wake up and check your mail to receive a letter from Clint. This letter contains the Goede Crusher recipe. To make this equipment use the following materials:

  • 3x Gold Bar.
  • 50x Stone.
  • 1x Diamond.

When the Geode Crusher is made you can place it on the farm wherever you wish. This special piece of equipment is used to break open Geodes you collect while mining. This is a very useful piece of equipment that saves a ton of money in the long run.

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