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Fragments of the Past is a Special Order side quest players can complete for Gunther in Stardew Valley. This special order tasks you with collecting 100 Bone Fragments in 7 days time. Completing this order will net you the Bone Mill Recipe which allows you to breakdown Bone Fragments for other items. To help you complete this order see our Fragments of the Past guide below.

Special Order Details

  • For: Gunther.
  • Description: “Calling all amateur paleontologists. I need 100 piece of bone for my studies. Please drop them off at the museum counter.” – Gunther
  • Duration: 7 days.
  • Item Needed: 100x Bone Fragments collected and delivered.
  • Rewards: 3500 Gold; Bone Mill Recipe.

Where to Get Bone Fragments in Stardew Valley

Image showing farming Skeletons in Stardew Valley for Bone Fragments.
Killing Skeletons for Bone Fragments.

Once you’ve accepted this Special Order from Gunther you will need to get collecting. There are a number of methods to acquire the Bone Fragments. These sources are as follows:

  1. Skeleton and Lava Lurk drops.
  2. Bone Nodes on Ginger Island.
  3. In Crates and Barrels in Skull Cavern.
  4. Digging Artifact Spots.

Which source you use is largely up to you. The quickest way is to farm Skeletons in the mountain mine’s floor 71 and above. The second quickest way is to farm Bone Nodes on Ginger Island (if you have a lot of them).

Deliver Bones to Gunther then Claim Rewards

Image showing delivering Bone Fragments to Gunther to complete the Fragments of the Past special order in Stardew Valley.
Delivering 100 Bone Fragments to Gunther.

Once you’ve gathered the required 100 Bone Fragments you need to deliver them to Gunther. Head to the Museum and go inside. Here you will find a dropbox in the counter. Interact with the dropbox to open a grid. Drop the Bone Fragments onto the grid to deliver them. This completes the delivery.

After the delivery is done claim the 3500 Gold reward from the Journal entry. Head back to the farm and sleep for a night. On the next day you will have a letter from Gunther giving you the Bone Mill Recipe. The Bone Mill recipe is made with the following ingredients:

  • 10x Bone Fragments.
  • 3x Clay.
  • 20x Stone.

When the Bone Mill is made you can place it on the farm wherever you wish. This special piece of equipment is used to turn bones you gather into different types of fertilizer. This is very useful if you like to fertilizer your crops regularly.

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