Stardew Valley Robin’s Project Special Order Guide

Stardew Valley Robin's Project Special Order Guide

In Stardew Valley players can accept special orders from the special order board in front of Mayo Lewis’s house. This board contains harder orders to complete that are more rewarding than the help wanted board on Pierre’s Store. One of the special orders players can get is Robin’s Project. Learn how to complete this request in our Stardew Valley Robin’s Project Special Order guide.

Robin’s Project Special Order

When the Robin’s Project Special Order is available from the Special Order board you will find a request from Robin. This request contains the following note from Robin:

Hey! I have an idea for a new style of bed, but I’ll need 80 hardwood to make it happen. Can anyone help? -Robin

If you accept the Special Order from Robin you will have 7 days to collect a total of 80 Hardwood pieces. Hardwood is not to be confused with Wood. Hardwood is a rarer material than Wood is.

How to Get 80 Hardwood Pieces

Image showing Hardwood in the secret forest in Stardew Valley.
A large stump you can harvest for Hardwood.

Hardwood is a material that is a bit harder to get than normal wood. To gather this material you need to use a Copper or better Axe. Like wood you need to use the Axe to chop down trees or stumps for the material to be collectible. The sources of Hardwood are as follows:

  • Mahogany Tree.
  • Large Stump.
  • Large Log.
  • Barrels and Boxes in mines.
  • Gift from Robin.

To easily complete this Special Order you need to reliable source of Hardwood you can harvest. The Secret Woods is that source. Each day 6x Large Stumps spawn in the woods. They can be harvested for a total of 12 pieces of Hardwood each day. Do this for the 7 days of the Special Order to reach 84 Hardwood.

While that is a core method of completing the Special Order you can speed up the process by combining it with chopping Mahogany Trees on Ginger Island, going mining, and clearing stumps from the farm (if you haven’t done so already).

Once you’ve collected 80 Hardwood visit Robin’s house. At her house there is a container to put the wood inside. Do this then return home and sleep to advance to the next day.

Robin’s Project Special Order Reward

Image showing a screenshot from the Stardew Valley Robin's Request special order.
The Deluxe Red Double Bed.

Upon making the deliver visit Robin’s house the next day when it’s open to trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene Robin shows off the Deluxe Red Double Bed to Sebastian, Maru, and Demetrius. Robin and Demetrius fight over the bed and the farmer enters. The farmer can then side with either Robin or Demetrius regarding the bed.

After the cutscene is complete you finish the Robin’s Project quest. The rewards you receive from completing the special order is 2,000g, 250 Friendship Points, the Deluxe Red Double Bed for purchase from Robin for 6,000g.

There are a number of quests like this for players to complete in Stardew Valley. If you need help completing other ones be sure to check out our Stardew Valley hub page full of guides just like this.

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