Strange Capsule: What it Does, Event It Unlocks – Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a game full of content for players to find. Some of this content is straightforward while other parts are far more secretive. One of the bigger secrets in the game is the Strange Capsule. This item prior to update 1.5 was considered one of the rarest events players could have occur on their farm. Now the item is slightly easier to get. There is a little bit more to the item then just its appearance on the farm with there being a rare event attached to it. To learn everything you need to know about the Strange Capsule see our guide below.

How to Get the Strange Capsule Event

The Strange Capsule is an event players can randomly get on their farm after year one of farming. There was typically only a 1% chance of this event occurring prior to 1.5, but ConcernedApe has now made it far more likely to happen now in-game. I personally have had it occur over a couple of save files since 1.5. This event is much like the Stone Owl.

To get the Strange Capsule to appear on your farm ensure you have an open tile for the item to spawn. Once this is done you just need to advance time until the event happens. You will know the event has occurred as you will hear a UFO sound while sleeping. The next day you will have the Strange Capsule on a tile on your farm.

Strange Capsule and Empty Capsule

Once the Strange Capsule is on your farm you can leave it in place or move it with your pick-axe. You will notice the capsule pulsates and there appears to be a creature inside it. If you do move the capsule you may wish to read its description which says:

  • “There’s something fleshy bobbing around in the fluid…”

To trigger the Easter Egg attached to the Strange Capsule you will want to place/leave it on your farm somewhere for 3+ days. After waiting the 3+ days the Strange Capsule with turn into the Empty Capsule. This transition allows you to trigger the event tied to this item. Like the Strange Capsule the Empty Capsule can be moved and has its own unique description:

  • “Part of the glass is shattered..”

That’s all you need to know about the Strange Capsule and Empty Capsule. Once the creature has escaped from the capsule you can do what you wish with the capsule that remains. Personally I would leave it on your farm as it is a weird addition to the game, but the choice is yours.

Glimpse a Dark Creature at Bus Stop or in Town

Image showing a screenshot fo the Dark Creature in Stardew Valley's Strange Capsule.
Mysterious creature at the bus stop.

Once the creature inside the capsule has escaped you will then unlock a 1% chance of encountering it at either the Bus Stop or in Town during the evening hours. In my testing I’ve only encountered the dark creature at the Bus Stop (let me know if you encounter it in Town). This encounter happens at the front of the bus and the creature will move offscreen to the left. The event happens in a short sequence lasting only a few seconds. It is almost a blink and you can miss it type event so be aware of this when you are trying to see the encounter. I’ve attached a screenshot above so you can see the creature and the where it spawns.

That’s all you need to know about the random item spawn and the Easter Egg attached to it. This is just one of many Easter Eggs in Stardew Valley. The official game wiki is a good place to look if you are wanting to see all that have been found so far. Good luck hunting for the alien creature.

Check out more guides like this one in our Stardew Valley guide and walkthrough hub. Here you will find all of the guides that we’ve written for this game.

Thoughts on our Strange Capsule Stardew Valley guide? Drop them in The Pit below.


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  1. Fumbo Squeebus says:

    i seen aliens in real life they freaky!!

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  4. anders says:

    I found this, thought it was a decoration… Found it in a chest and relised what it was. I AM STUPID!

  5. Jane says:

    what happens if you just leave the capsule in your inventory?

  6. Tana says:

    I seen it just now across from Emily’s house! It ran from behind a bush to behind the tree next to the sewer opening! Freaked me out!!! Lol!

  7. Catsolotl says:

    Actually i’ll release it.

  8. Catsolotl says:

    I just found the capsule and now i kinda wanna just keep the creature. Should I let it free?

  9. Victoria says:
    In reference to my comment about the creature appearing / being featured in “It Howls in the Night”.

  10. Victoria says:

    So occasionally (post this event) you’ll see a black shadowy figure (a different model than Krobus and other void people) at the bus stop, and it’ll only be there a few moments before running off. It’s theorized that it’s the escaped alien, but the most unsettling part is that the sprite used is identical to the creature featured in the movie “It Howls in the Night” (seen running through the trees)… a movie supposedly made from footage found on an abandoned camcorder 30 miles South of Grampletom (which ends with the phrase “It’s still out there…”).

  11. Rosa says:

    Tbh this whole situation freaks me out. Having the glass break, learning about the alien on the loose, at 1:30 am is very bad. I also have anxiety so tonight is gonna be h***.

  12. Moooo says:

    I think my dad encountered this but he didn’t say anything, do I need to know if something weird happens with Abigail if you marry her?? I’m very confused. TwT

  13. Moooo says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Why would they doooooooooo this!? I’m actually scared I like my sanity thanks

  14. Lauren says:

    Has anyone had the cut scene where the alien attacks you, day time on the path above/behind your farm, and your partner murders it?? I can’t find any mention of this on the Stardew valley wiki or Reddit or anywhere..

    • Moooo says:

      What if I don’t have a partner?? Do I freaking DIE???

    • Andrew says:

      That’s one of the final “Heart Events” for Abigail. The closer you get with Abigail, you find out that she wants to be an adventurer of sorts. Like one heart event has you finding her in the cemetery one night training to use a sword. One other heart event has you going to the mines and her trying to psyche herself up to go down and explore the mines. For like her final heart event, you have a cutscene where the player is in the walking/foraging along the path north/behind your farm when a monster jumps out and attacks you. Abigail rushes up and kills the creature and you have a moment and dialogue option with her pertaining to her killing the creature and having to take a life.

      This isn’t some random scene that happens and there isn’t some random moment where you are just going to be attacked by a creature in a cut scene. This is specifically a cut scene you get with Abigail once you reach a high enough relationship with her.

    • Dixie Ross says:

      My son encountered what you described with Emily. He now has a permanent “shrine” much like the one that is on his farm for Grandpa on the mountain path above his farm.

  15. LIFE says:

    My fam and I just encountered the strange capsule my last play session with my family my dad didn’t want to spoil it so he did his thing my lord both my mum and I were frecking out these are our exact words “OML WHAT IS THAT-me ewwwwwww I PICKED IT UP IT SAYS THERES SOMETHING FLESHY BOBBING INSIDE!!!-my mum LEMME SEE EWWWWWW-me” My dad said to give it to me a week later we almost didn’t make so we all had to inside my dad’s bed because it was 1:50 in-game time then when we woke up the capsule was broken my mum and I silently walked away from the computer and stayed away from the computer hissing at it LOL

  16. Amanda says:

    Does the creature do anything? Or just keep appearing and freaking people out while playing? You can talk to it or sth like that?

  17. Genesis says:

    i am on my 37th year in stardew and i feel so fucking stupid instead of trying to get a void chicken i made void mayonnaise

  18. Marley Lawrence says:

    It scared me so bad. I’ve gotten the strange capsule in other saves I’ve played but I’ve never seen anything. It’s the 5th day in fall and I was walking back into town from marnies shop and I saw a black figure walk from in front of Haley and Emily’s house to a nearby tree. Really freaked me out. I’m not sure if people have seen it very often because he’s so dark and moves quickly but wow.

  19. Jessie says:

    I’m in year 18 I just encountered it but I haven’t seen the dude yet

  20. Hippo says:

    Im only on year two and so far have had 2 garden fairies, meteorite, void chicken in my coop and just got the strange capsule!? The weird thing is people are saying 50 spots had to be open but I had none open in the area it landed. I consider this my luckiest game file ever.

  21. Madeline says:

    I just saw the alien when I came back from the beach super late. It walked from the bridge towards the museum…

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