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There are a number of secrets in ConcernedApe’s Stardew Valley players can solve to earn special rewards. One of these secrets is three locked boxes hidden throughout the valley. Each of these locked boxes contains a special reward for putting the right item inside it. To help you complete this secret use our locked boxes guide for Stardew Valley below.

Locked Boxes Hints and Solutions

Image showing the Lost Book puzzle solution for the locked boxes in Stardew Valley.
Lost Book solution

The solution to the locked boxes in Stardew Valley can be found in the Archeology Office’s library once you’ve found the unreadable Lost Book. When you attempt to read this book the words appear jumbled and don’t make much sense. Well, this is actually the puzzle you need to solve. To get the solution (and locations of the locked boxes) you need to take the first letter of each word in the sentences. Doing this tells you the solution for each locked box:


Now that we have the solution to each box it is time to give them the items to get our rewards. Since we are at the Archelogy Office let’s do the town first since it is nearby. The order you open them doesn’t matter just so you are aware.

How to Open the Locked Box in Town

Image showing how to open the locked box in the fenced in area of the Stardew Valley town using a Super Cucumber.
Give a Super Cucumber to the Locked Box in Town.

The Town lock box can be found inside the fenced in area just north of the Blacksmith. The box is somewhat hidden from sight, but it can be found in the upper section of the fenced area next to a tree. Give a Super Cucumber to the box to receive the statue called ??HMTGF?? in return.

How to Open the Locked Box in the Stardrop Saloon

Image showing how to open the locked box in the Stardrop Saloon storage room using Duck Mayo.
Give a Duck Mayo to the Locked Box in the Stardrop Saloon.

In the Stardrop Saloon make your way to the back storeroom and look for path between the barrels heading to the left. At the end of this path is a gray locked box. Give this box some Duck Mayo to open it. When opened the box rewards players with the ??Pinky Lemon?? statue.

How to Open the Toybox in Vincent’s Room

Image showing how to open Vincent's Toybox in Stardew Valley using Strange Bun.
Give a Strange Bun to the Toy Box in Vincent’s Room.

The last locked box is located inside Vincent’s Room in 1 Willow Lane (southwestern most house in town). This box is actually Vincent’s Toybox. To receive the ??Foroguemon?? statue from the box you need to place a Strange Bun inside the Toy Box. When you do this the statue is your reward.

Secret Statues

Image showing the three secret statues in Stardew Valley.
The Secret Statue rewards from each Lock Box.

Now that you have the statues you may be wondering what their purpose is. Basically the only purpose of the three statues we collected is aesthetics. These statues are placed items used to decorate your farm, farmhouse, or other locations in the game. Given the effort required to collect all three they are somewhat rare to acquire, so having them can help make your farm a bit unique.

These statues are just one of many secrets the hidden in Stardew Valley. Other secrets you may wish to solve include getting the Galaxy Sword, finding the Strange Capsule creature, and getting the Squirrel Figurine.

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