Stardew Valley Fish Frenzies

The Fish Frenzy message that appears in the bottom left of the screen when active in Stardew Valley.

Added to the game in Update 1.6.4, the Stardew Valley fish frenzies are a type of daily event that can randomly spawn for players. During these events, a specific fish spawns more regularly at a designated fishing spot, offering ample opportunities to catch them. Dive into our comprehensive fish frenzies guide below to learn more about this event.

What is the Fish Frenzy in Stardew Valley?

A fish frenzy is a unique daily event in Stardew Valley that randomly occurs for players. To make it possible for this event to occur, players need to have done either of the following in their game:

  • Caught at least three fish and have played for at least 3 days
  • Played for at least 14 days

Once either of these is completed you unlock the chance of triggering this random daily event. It can occur anytime of the day before 11pm on non-festival days. When a fish frenzy starts a message appears on the bottom left of your screen that says: “An (fish) frenzy has begun at (location).”

What to Do When There is a Fish Frenzy in Stardew Valley?

A Fish Frenzy spot in Stardew Valley on The Beach.
A Fish Frenzy spot with fish leaping out of it.

When you receive the fish frenzy message, immediately go to the location mentioned, which could be The Beach, Cindersap Forest, Pelican Town, or The Mountain. Look for a large bubble spot in the water, where fish are leaping out. Cast your fishing line into the bubbles to catch the fish in the frenzy, which have a higher chance of spawning.

Fish frenzies last for 2 hours, giving you a limited time to fish. You can fish at the frenzy spot as much as you want during this time window. Once the time is up, the spot disappears. Note that fish frenzy spots can only contain regular fish, with no chance of them being for a Legendary fish.

The location and time of the fish frenzy remain the same if you reset the day. However, the type of fish available changes with each daily reset. If you’re aiming for a specific fish, you can reload the day until it is the fish you want to catch (as long as it is in season and found at that location).

There is another new fish that was added in Update 1.6 players may not know about. This fish is the Goby. To learn where to catch the Goby in Stardew Valley consult our guide.

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